Amazing Views in Dfarm & Park Masinloc Zambales

We went to this resort in Masinloc Zambales called Dfarm and Park. It took us 5-6 hours (including traffic) to get here. I joined Nikki's family for a quick summer getaway and when we arrived we were really surprised with what we saw. The resort was surrounded by trees with a panoramic view of Oyon Bay. The infinity pool and the sea view is just so beautiful, agree?

Dfarm has 3 pools which are open to the public, 2 private villas with infinity pool and hotel rooms. We stayed in one of their villas shown on the photo above. We brought our own snacks and food, Nikki's Aunt also cooked and prepared the meals for us (villas have their own kitchen). We just stayed overnight but I really enjoyed the night swim so much since the water was really warm. They also have cottages where guests can rent. Make sure you buy everything that you need in the city before heading to Dfarm coz the location is really farrrr, like literally farrrr!

To book a room or villas, you may contact the resort directly via  mobile at 09395386117 or email at You may also visit their website at, but for some reasons sometimes their site is down (just like now). Their office is open from 8AM-8PM Manila Time Monday-Sunday. 

Nikki and I made a a short video from our quick getaway with his family, watch it below!

For more details about Dfarm & Park, visit their FB Page HERE.

Thanks! Ciao! <3


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