Tourist Attractions in the Northern Paradise of Cebu

We had an amazing stay in Bantayan Island Cebu when we celebrated my 31st birthday. Honestly, I was surprised about this beautiful paradise, it definitely surpassed my expectation. We stayed in Anika Island Beach Resort and damn, this resort is cozy. Love their pool so much even at night. I highly recommend this resort. 

From Mactan Cebu airport, we rode a taxi to the bus terminal heading north and spent 4-5 hours to reach Sta. Fe port, plus another hour going to Sta Fe Island and 5 minutes going to Anika Island Beach Resort. Wew, that was like a whole day! But never complain coz TRAVEL IS LIFE! Great that I have this mind set already before leaving Manila, so I was prepared! Anika was so nice to actually keep in touch with us from morning til night. Anika also offers free transfer from the port to the hotel and hotel to the port when you check-out. For rates of Anika Island Beach Resort, click HERE


Paradise Beach

Open from 9AM-5PM with entrance fee of  Php50/adult and Php25/kids. This beach is truly a paradise, there are also amazing rock formations on this island. My favorite time here was the sunset, just perfect!

Omagieca Obo-ob Mangrove Garden

Bantayan doesn't only preserve nature but also it's wildlife. This 116-hectare mangrove is one of the tourist attractions in Bantayan. You'll hear a lot of humming birds everywhere when you visit this place. A friendly reminder, do not fly your drones here, it may disturb the birds. Entrance fee is Php50/head and that includes rental of this hat that I wore in this picture. They also have a restaurant but we were full that day so we didn't try their menu. 

Virgin Island 

Entrance fee is Php500 per two person, extra person Php100, senior is 20% discount. We booked a boat from Anika Beach Resort and paid around Php1600 (I think). It's a 15-20min boat ride going to this island, but I swear, you'll love Virgin Island so much if you love clear water and pristine beaches. They have beautiful corrals, they also have a cliff diving spot and a mini forest on the way to the cliff. I just can't stop dreaming about this Island, so enchanting!

Ogtong Cave Resort 

Open from 9AM-4PM, entrance fee is Php200/head, but if you will stay in their hotel you will only pay Php100/head. Cave is too small for a group yet water is crystal clear, not sure why it's so pricey though. 

Kota Beach

Kota beach has no entrance fee but a little crowded since it's near the school and other establishments in Bantayan. Yet, the beach is beautiful, the amazing part of this beach is this mini-pool naturally created by tidal force. They have hotels here, restaurants, bars, etc..

Sta. Fe Cliff Diving Spot

This is where you can see the awesome ruins of Bantayan (you'll see that on the last part of my video below) aside from the cliff diving spot. I didn't dive though! lol! No entrance fee, you can drop by anytime during your tour since it's just along the way.

We rented a tricycle and paid PHP700/day. We enjoyed exploring the Northern paradise of Cebu that's why we captured and recorded every beautiful moment. So here's a video of our whole trip. Enjoy!

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