Wednesday, March 20, 2019

I made my own lipstick!

Nikki surprised me to this newly opened store in Eastwood mall. This store doesn’t only sell lipstick but they also help you in making your own customized lipstick with scents and designs of your choice.

If you prefer matte lippies, the lab can make it for you. But if you prefer making one for yourself, then you must choose the organic options that they have. I only paid 1200 from the original price of 1500 since I’m one of their first 1000 customers. The rate comes with this cute royal design lipstick tube. There are other tube designs to choose from but may require you to add 100 to 200 pesos, not bad! I chose dark red shade because it matches my skin tone and eucalyptus for the scent.. Don’t worry, they will personally teach you and guide you from start til end  to make sure everything is done perfectly. It’s quick and easy! I didn’t expect making organic lipstick to be this fun and exciting, with the right formula to pull off together, everything will be easy peasy. I asked if I can try doing the matte lippie, but they said it’s a little tedious to make and it requires a formal training to make one, plus chemicals will be added as well. What I like about the organic lipstick is that it’s safe to use even for pregnant women. I’ll definitely use this to my future preggy mom clients. If you don’t have time to make one, you can just drop by and get one at a price of Php780.

Below are Lab’i, Lipstick Design Studio packages:

For promos and more details, visit Lab’i, Lipstick Design Studio Facebook page HERE

Watch my Lab’i, Lipstick Design Studio experience below! Enjoy! 

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