First Fly Test Using The DJI Mavic Air

After a year of watching and reading reviews about different drones, I finally found the perfect one for me and I just can’t wait to fly it. I got this DJI Mavic Air from Henry’s and I got more excited that they have the flame red color.  We did a fly test to check the quality of this drone inside Henry’s store but it didn’t work well, forward and backward controller options are not working. After few minutes, we tried to fly it again and it won’t take off anymore. We thought it was defective but Henry’s promised that we need to try it outside and if it’s still not working outdoor, then we have to return the product within 7 days.

Last weekend, we did the fly test at a huge parking lot space and I’m glad everything is working fine. Reason why this Mavic Air won’t take off  inside Henry’s store is because it is so sensitive that it recognizes all indoor obstruction like steels, walls and other stuff inside the store. The fly test was successful, we recorded some videos and took aerial photos. I love the stability of the camera and the video footages are not shaky at all.

The camera is 32mp sphere panoramas, 3-axis gimbal and 4K resolution, which made the footages so clear even from afar. Maximum time to fly is 21 minutes, it is foldable and portable, it also comes with a hard case as support if you want to carry it inside your bag. We had a great time playing with FINIX (we call it Finix from the phoenix bird) and I can’t wait to take more nature footages on our future travels. Stay tuned!

Check out this fly test video below!

Thanks for the view. Ciao! 💋


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