Sunday, January 20, 2019

Fantasy World - The Abandoned Themed Park in Lemery Batangas, Now a Tourist Destination

2 years ago, I was browsing through the internet looking for a destination where I could find castles or any royalty place where we could explore and drop by for a photo-op. I saw this beautiful place online and at first I thought it was a hotel in Tagaytay, but Fantasy World is actually located in Lemery Batangas. I've read that it was already abandoned and that they don't accept guests/visitors anymore. A year after that, I saw a video from a foreign traveller/vlogger who visited the Philippines and  featured this place. The video got thousands of views, likes and comments, people got curious and the place got more visitors. Though in that video, you can obviously see that the place was dusty and unmaintained, yet the view and landscape are still beautiful. So another year after that (yeah that long), here we are, taking every corner from the picturesque side of Fantasy World, hoping for the best shot!

A shot from afar, inside the car while windows are up! Yup, that was taken effortlessly. Fantasy World is a themed park in Lemery Batangas, just few minutes away from the centre of Tagaytay. We knew there was an entrance fee of Php1000 per visit, but this fee is good for 10 heads already and even if you are alone, you still need to pay the whole Php1000 fee. Luckily we found a family group and joined them so we only paid a hundred peso per head.

This place is so magical and dreamy, yet sad coz it's supposedly the Disneyland version of the Philippines. I've read that a Japanese businessman ran out of funds that's why they discontinued its operation, but even if it didn't turn out the way it was planned, still it has been a go-to place of visitors touring around Tagaytay and Batangas. Glad they're now open for public, they also improved their facilities and they already have a small shop and a cafeteria inside.

Now this reminds me of Game of Thrones!

Here's a close up from the bridge.

I also took a photo of the maze from the top of the bridge...the view is really stunning.

And here we are playing hide and seek around the maze. LOL!

More more more photossss...

This is so touristy...

Fantasy World is open from 8AM-5PM daily. If you're planning to have a day tour around Tagaytay or Batangas, then you might wanna include this in your itinerary. We also saw some debutants and couples doing the prenupshoot and pre-debut shoot in the area, can't blame them, every corner of this place is just picture perfect! If you're planning to do the same (prenup, predebut shoot), fee is Php5000, plus the entrance fee of Php1000/10 head. For more details, you can contact Fantasy World at these numbers: 
Landline: +632 833 6566
Mobile: 09056669488

How to get here? Click HERE and enter your location.

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