Quick Stop: Sonya's Garden

It was a beautiful Saturday that's why we dropped by at Sonya's Garden | Bed and Breakfast. I love this place so much because it's a garden with lots of perks at the same time. If you live in the South and you're craving for some nature tripping, I highly recommend this place.

First things first, we went to their bakery called Panaderia. The smell of their pastries and bread from the entrance were so inviting. They also had a stall of coffee that time. So we went inside to buy some snacks. They have bread jams, dips, peanut butter, honeys and many more, all are organics.

After that, we went to explore the place. They have souvenir shops inside. You can buy local products and hand made accessories. This place is really cozy.

The best part aside from exploring their shops was their beautiful garden, of course.

This place is also perfect for photo-shoots like prenuptial and weddings. I'll leave a link below if you're interested. They also offer spa services but we didn't try that though since it's still early in the afternoon when we went there. Most of the plants here are edible, which they serve in their restaurant if you wanna order a fresh salad.

They also have these picturesque set up anywhere in the garden for selfies and groupies. So here we are taking our best shot. Thanks Nikki for these photos. You're the best!

Mum and me taking photos in every corner of Sonya's Garden! <3

You can take a piece of Sonya's Garden and bring them home. Yes, some of these plants are for sale, if you wanna enjoy a luxury of having organic food on your table, come over and buy what you need.

It's so romantic and aromatic, making this trip more relaxing and enjoyable. Credit to my Mum for being an awesome Photographer even if she wasn't wearing her glasses that time. LOL!

Walking around Sonya's Garden was such a stress relief. Reason why I love nature tripping because these plants can act as natural painkillers and can also improve one’s mood. Meditate, smell the fresh air, breathe deeply, slow down, do these tips once a week, it can really help ease anxiety.

Wearing this beautiful personalized necklace from Ineffabless Jewelry. Got this second necklace from them and I soooo love it. The first necklace I got was the heart-shaped rose gold design with my name engraved at the back, check out my first review of their necklace HERE.

Sonya's Garden is located in Brgy. Buck Estate Alfonso Cavite 4123 (near the vicinity of Tagaytay City). Here's the map on how to get there.

They are open from 8AM - 6PM Mondays to Saturdays. For enquiries, you can contact them via email at info@sonyasgarden.com, you can also check their website HERE.

Thanks for the view. Ciao! <3


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