Introduction to Mermaid Swimming at Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy, Boracay

It has been a fun and challenging experience swimming at the beach with a mermaid tail. At first all I wanted was a photo op wearing this gorgeous tail, but Nikki forced me to join the class. He said this is something new to try and share before Boracay closes, I was like, "Hoookeyyy! Lezzzdo thisssss!"

Guys, this is not just for the ladies, you can join this class and be a merman, too. Nikki said he'd prefer taking videos and photos of my mermaid moment instead though, but anyone who can do basic swimming can join the class.

Location is in Fisheye Divers, Station 1 (next to Starbucks), White Beach Path Boracay. You need to advance your booking because they don't accept walk-in guests. You can text them at 09173243947 or send them a direct message on their FB Page HERE. Classes start from 9AM-5PM everyday. When we went there, there were days that they're not operating, that's why it's a must to inquire via text or fb chat first to know the class schedules.

The beautiful mermaid tails and mono fins were designed and created by the Mermaid Tail Factory. The designs were inspired by the parrot fish and mandarin fish. No wonder it looks dazzling and striking on photos. It is flexible and durable, I think it can fit into small, medium and large body figure.

This is what they call a tail raise, it's one of the most difficult mermaid poses. You need to use your core muscles to lift and hold the 2kg tail. So you're like working out on your core body when you do this even for few minutes.

About the class? I joined the Introduction to Mermaid Swimming Lesson (IMSIA Level 1 or 2). Class duration is 90 minutes which includes the photo op session and basic mermaid strokes. It includes, mermaid intro, mermaid tail fitting and rental, education on looking after and swimming with the tail, safety briefing, directed photoshoot (using your own camera), mermaid lesson (four basic swim strokes and breathing techniques), freestyle session, in a max depth of 3m and an IMSIA certification. You can either join a group of mermaids or book privately.

Other lessons are; Advanced Mermaid Swimming Lesson (IMSIA Level 3) - 3 hrs duration
Mermaid Performer Course (IMSIA Level 4) - 5 days duration, 4hrs/day
Mermaid Swimming Instructor Course (IMSIA Level 5) - 5 days duration, 4hrs/day
Specialty Course: Scuba Mermaid - 4 hrs duration
Non Certification: Mermaid Photo Op - 30mins duration

Prices may vary depending on location. I can't find the list of prices on their website anymore, but we paid Php2000 for the Introduction to Mermaid Swimming Lesson (IMSIA Level 1 or 2). But if you only want to avail the Non Certification: Mermaid Photo Op with 30mins duration, you just need to pay Php1000. Want to buy a gorgeous mermaid tail, click HERE for details and prices. 

Important advisory: Boracay Island will be closing temporarily on April 26th, 2018 for environmental maintenance by the government. No tourists will be permitted on the island and PMSA Boracay will also be closed by this time. In the meantime, their Manila and Cebu branches are both open, still business as usual. Contact them directly for details and appointments. Btw, here's a quick video of the class. Enjoy!

Thanks for dropping by. Ciao!


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