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Before ending 2017 and after exploring different brands of makeup that are suitable for every skin type, I'm here sharing "My Best Foundations of 2017". I know looking for the best foundations for your skin is tough, and the only way to get through this dilemma is to buy products and try them. In the end of the day, only you will know what's best for you. Whenever I ask my clients about their skin type, I normally would probe more because some of them are not aware. Where are your most oily areas? Do you have skin patches from the summer? Are  you acidic? Is your skin sensitive? Any  allergies for the previous months? What is your skincare routine? If you ask more, then you'll know which foundation is suitable for your client.
If you explore different brands, it will help you understand your skin type more. But makeup is expensive! We all know that buying and trying a lot of makeup can cost you a lot. So the best thing to do if you don't wanna waste a lot of bucks, is RESEARCH! Yes, research and look for reviews from different people with different skin types. What's best for me may not be the best for you, or vice versa. Or, whats best for summer, may not be the best for the next season. So I'm here to share my thoughts on my best foundations (that I've tried so far) of 2017.

Php 700 - Buy it HERE

I like this foundation during summer, when I was a bit tanned. It's not too matte and and not too oily. It's super blendable and it can last for upto 5-8hrs on my skin, and longer if I set it with a translucent powder. This foundation oxidizes on my skin though, but I've tried it on some clients when I do a traditional makeup and this foundation works well and really beautiful on their skin. This is suitable for normal to dry skin, not to super oily skin. Even if it claimed to be a 24H foundation, this foundation just didn't last that long. A blotting paper and a slight retouch are still necessary all throughout the day. When my skin got lighter, I've noticed that this foundation gets darker on my skin after few hours. So if you're too acidic like me, this might not work for you, or maybe you can get a lighter shade instead. It's best blended with a foundation brush for me. This works well on my model clients and the coverage is light to medium.  If you ask me; 
Are you applying this on your face again? YES! 
Will you recommend this to your friends? YES! That's why it's still on my list. 

PHP700 - Buy it HERE

This foundation is suitable for oily skin. I love it when I applied it on a super oily skin, it just didn't disappoint me. It can last longer for up to 10-15hrs. I still set it with a translucent powder though, coz if you want a long lasting base foundation, setting it with a powder is really a must. This foundation dries quickly so you better blend it fast with your foundation brush. This can give light to medium coverage. If you have dry skin like me, you can still use this foundation, setting a translucent powder might not be too necessary, or maybe only on the areas of your face that are oily like the T-zone, etc. 

PHP499 - Buy it HERE

My friend actually recommended this foundation. Since it's only Php499 and I got it lower than it's regular price because Maybelline was on a holiday sale when I bought this, so why not give it a shot? This is a cream foundation and it feels light and cold when you apply it on your face. It's hydrating formula says it all. It's suitable for normal skin. It can last for up to 5-10hrs atleast with a light to medium coverage. With a dry skin like me, I don't really need to set it much with a translucent powder after applying this, it also has a matte finish, leaving your skin smooth and silky. This can be an everyday foundation because it doesn't look like you're wearing a foundation applying this. Best to be blended with a foundation brush.

PHP600 - Buy it HERE

I have to be honest, I was impressed by this foundation. I first applied it on my brother, (hahaha!) I got this medium beige shade, which is darker than my skin tone because the light beige was out of stock. But since I'll be needing this anyway for my future clients with medium skin tone, push, add to cart! It was impressive when I first applied it on someone (my brother..haha..). My brother has oily skin, tanned, and I asked him how he feels about it, he said his skin feels softer and it didn't accentuate his facial pores. He feels more gwapo daw! This foundation is super blendable with a light to medium coverage. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin. I tried it on my skin, too, though it appeared to be darker than my natural skin tone, still it looked beautiful when I finished my whole makeup. Since then, I've been using this on some male clients with light to medium skin tone, it can last up to 8-12hrs. 

PHP799 - Buy it HERE

I've recently made an actual demo review about this foundation (check it HERE) and also applied it on some kids model when we had an indoor photoshoot. For photoshoots, HD foundation is highly suggested because it really covers blemishes, pores and other facial imperfections on the face. This foundation was a hype when it was first released because it's quite similar to the MUFE HD Foundation. It can give light to buildable medium coverage and is best blended with a damp sponge. It dries quickly, too, so you have to blend it as fast as you could. This has a dewy finish as it claims to be an illuminating foundation, which means, for oily skin, you have to set it really well with a translucent powder. The HD formula is something that I love about it because the model kids looked great on cameras. It's also lightweight, but if you build more coverage, it also feels like you're wearing a foundation. But overall, it really performed well during the photoshoot.

PHP620 - Buy it HERE

This foundation has so many positive reviews on YouTube. Some loved it, others don't, but this has been on the beauty Vloggers best foundation list. With it's price, nothin' to lose if I try. You can't actually find a Catrice outlet in the mall, so I bought mine online. When it arrived, I didn't really expect much from this product, but I'm glad they had a light beige shade, which is perfect for my skin tone. It gives a mattifying effect, that sets like a powder after. No need to set much with a translucent powder and very suitable for oily skin. Girl, it's HD, so it's also perfect for a photoshoot and selfies. So going back to when I first applied it, people kept asking about what foundation I used that day, which means, it looks great on my skin. I don't really suggest this if you have skin patches on your face because it may accentuate those dry areas more. But if you still wanna use this foundation, it's best to make a good prep and prime routine first. Moisturize moisturize! Yet overall, this is also an impressive foundation. Best when blended with a damp sponge, so it can give better coverage. This foundation can give light to buildable medium coverage and can last for up to 6-10 hrs.

PHP1600 - Buy it HERE

Another HD Foundation on the list, I consider this foundation a little pricey than the others, but what I like about this HD foundation is how creamy and blendable it is when applied to the skin. A little amount can go a long way. Since it's a palette foundation, for sanitation purposes, I normally would use a spatula to get a little amount of this product. A thinner can also be mixed on this foundation if you want to change this to liquid. I bought mine in Pure Beauty Glorietta, together with the corrector and the setting powder. Others also used this foundation as their concealer, but this as a concealer just didn't work for me. I'd sill prefer using a higher coverage concealer than this, but it works fine as a foundation. It's long lasting but make sure to let the foundation dry first before you set it with a translucent powder to avoid the cakey look. This can last up to 10-15hrs and it can give light to buildable medium coverage. This palette will help you save a lot of bucks if you're starting your career as a professional makeup artist. You can blend different shades to achieve different shades. You can also use this foundation even if you're not a Pro, saw Carly Bybel using this more often on her vlogs. On this palette, you can use the darker shade for contouring, the lighter one as concealer, and the rest as foundation, so that means you can always mix and match different shades with this foundation palette.

PHP2250 - Buy it HERE

MAC foundation has been my holy grail for the past years and it has been my favorite eversince. It's my first ever high end foundation when I started my career as a Makeup Artist. Once you go MAC, you can never go back (lol). Being a professional or a non-pro, this can be your backbone. This matchmaster is suitable for oily to normal skin. This can last for up to 15hrs on my skin and I also love the lightweight feeling when I apply this. It can be light to buildable medium coverage just like the others, but the best part of this matchmaster is, it doesn't cake, it also looks like skin (well atleast for me). I also like the liquidy texture of this foundation, which makes it very easy to blend on my skin. Though MAC has different variety of foundations, still Matchmaster will always be on my makeup kit.

PHP2400 + 495 with the pump - Buy it HERE

Oh yessss, finally I got my hands on you. This is a high coverage foundation that stayed on my face for 24hrs, even if I don't set it with a powder, because I have dry skin that's why. This does not oxidize on my skin much. Finally! This is very suitable for oily and normal skin and it gives you that mattifying airbrush finish effect. It can give medium to buildable high coverage and it really covers skin imperfections. Though, it cannot conceal big and dark moles, but for acne prone skin, this is perfect for you. You don't wanna wear this everyday though, coz if you build too much coverage with this foundation, it will definitely show that you're wearing makeup. It looks super nice on skin when you take photos/selfies, thus, if you want a natural looking finish, a little amount really goes a long way. This has a powdery finish too, that's why I mentioned that it's not necessary for me to set my face with a translucent powder, but with a humid weather like the Philippines, if you want a super long lasting effect, to be safe, use a translucent powder ALWAYS. This foundation also dries quickly, so a damp sponge is also best to use when applying this product. Just blend blend blend!

So that's it ladies, hope I shared enough beauty tips for you today. I can't wait to try other foundations this coming 2018, promise I'll share all my thoughts about it here. This blogpost is not paid nor sponsored from the websites mentioned above. You deserve all my honesty in this blog. Btw, check out my makeup portfolio HERE, so you can see some photos of my clients using the products mentioned above. Have a happy new year and may God shower you with more blessings you deserve this 2018. Catch ya next year. <3


  1. Have you tried RCMA? Happy new year ��

    1. I haven’t tried it yet..but will try soon! Happy new year also..🎉

  2. Estee Lauder is my favorite.❤️

  3. Thank you for this. Happy new year Julie.

    1. Pleasure is mine. Happy new year also!🥂🎉


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