Julia Butterfly Middle Canvas Print from Photowall

I recently got this Julia Butterfly Middle canvas print from Photowall and my first impression was "Wow! It was pretty." They asked me to choose my preferred design and dimension for the canvas print and I have no idea about it to be honest, but I told them that I think I'd like to have the 150cm width and 120cm height. And poof, here's how it looks like on my makeup studio wall. Don't you think it's just perfect?

I love the minimalist design of this print when I found this on their website. I love the cool tone and that cute butterfly that can give me positive aura when working. You can actually choose your own image or illustration and they can print it for you. For bigger prints, you may need an image with sufficiently higher quality and resolution. The image must have atleast 1 pixel for every millimeter of the print. For example, if you want a canvas print 150x100 cm(or 1500 x 1000 mm) in size, your image should be atleast 1500 x 1000 pixels (1.5 megapixels). Image formats must be tif, jpg, png, eps and pdf. You can also check your image manually, just go to "Personal assistance please" after uploading your image, or you can simply send an email at custom@photowall.com.

Photowall is a Swedish company with a passion for design and quality. Which means the quality of their products are also in accordance with the Swedish standards. Aside from canvas prints, they also have wall murals and I can't wait to also order some designs soon. They have creative designs available on their website or you can also choose your own image. If you are into interior designs, I'm sure you already know the hype on wall murals. Street art walls, deceiving nature-inspired walls, cute cartoons, cities, landscapes, textures, imagine these inside your home or office. Their wall murals and canvas prints are environmental friendly, fire retardant and they also do not fade in sunlight. It's amazing what the power of the mind is capable of.

Now going back to my studio, I love how Photowall gives convenience to their customers (like me). I ordered this canvas print October 30th and it was scheduled for delivery November 2nd through DHL Express. That was really FAST! It was delivered straight to my doorstep 2nd of Novemeber (afternoon) as expected. No delays at all. They have amazing courier I should say. I immediately unboxed the package (because it was rolled in a box) to check for the quality...and it was perfect! After few days of being off from work, we finally had a time to assemble it. They included instructions on the package and other materials needed, so we read it and put it all together, for 10 minutes, boom, we're done. You may need an assistant for the size of the canvas print like this. (Thank you Nikki for helping me on this!) My overall experience? EXCELLENT! I would highly recommend this to my friends and I'll be ordering again as soon as I reside to my new home.

If you're planning to get yours now or in the future for your home, check their website HERE for more details. Thanks for dropping by. Ciao! <3


  1. Whats the brand of ur chair?

  2. How much is your hair and makeup rate?

    1. Please hit me an email at taymecanencia@gmail.com so we can discuss further about the hair and makeup rates and packages. Thank you!😘

  3. I love how minimalistic your studio is! <3


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