El Nido Island Tour + Picnic Lunch

Today, I'm sharing the famous beaches and lagoons of El Nido Palawan, Philippines. We had a chance to enjoy the Palawan paradise without any hustle. The tour was amazing and it was like a dream come true. It was my first time in El Nido and I know that I have to be 100% prepared to try whatever this beautiful paradise can offer.  I've heard and read a lot of positive reviews about their beaches/lagoons and why it was ranked #1 of the Top Islands of the World 2017 according to Travel and Leisure. When I heard about this news, I was like "WOW, I couldn't agree more!". I feel so grateful to live in this country (Philippines) and I can't wait to share our experience, too.

At 9AM, we rode a boat together with the other tourists to start the island hopping/tour. I was a bit curious on the difference between Tour A, B and C, but as a new visitor, we went for the Tour A. I swear I have no idea where we're going, I didn't really focus much on the itinerary. I just wanna go with the flow, enjoy every beautiful spot and capture memories. Thank you so much Happy Couple Travel & Tours for taking care of everything.

When we're all set, we then started the island hopping but before we get to that, look at these photos, they're effortlessly beautiful and some are 100% raw. Yes, no need to edit, the natural beauty speaks for itself.

The El Nido Palawan Tour A

The 7 Commandos Beach

The Commandos Beach was named after the 7 Commandos who got lost and stranded on this beach. Though some locals are claiming that this is not true, it doesn't matter, it's pristine white sand beach captured our hearts. I told myself that this first stop was already enticing, I couldn't wait to see more, reason why I reserved my energy and ordered a refreshing mango shake to beat the summer heat. Oh, I tried the swing with the ocean view, it was so fun and it's free. You can hire a photographer and purchase your photos afterwards. When you've seen the sand castles in Boracay, Palawan got this in Commandos. Game face on!

The Small Lagoon

This breathtaking Small Lagoon was unexpected for me because we need to enter a small passage to reach the center of it. We rented a kayak (Php300) so we can tour the place and it was my first time to ride on it. A piece of advise, you need much sun protection like sunblock or sunspray with higher SPF before kayaking, especially during summer when you visit El Nido. The sun hitting my skin was so painful, also wear a cap and try to use anything to protect your skin from the super damaging rays of the sun. Kayaking was a struggle at first for a small frame and petite girl like me, so I'm glad I've had a (strong) partner who can help me weeeerk it and finish this small lagoon tour effortlessly.

Picnic Lunch

While we're exploring the Small Lagoon, the tour guide and the crew are also preparing our lunch at the same time. The food presentation was nice and we were also pleased. They are well trained and they are also joining cooking competitions in Palawan,. Having beautiful food presentation is one of the criteria and they really enjoyed doing it. I'm craving seafood while typing this.

Shimizu Island

We moved to Shimizu Island to enjoy our lunch. This is a small island in El Nido with sandy beaches and clear water for snorkeling. This has been named Shimizu because of the Japanese diver who died in an underwater tunnel of this island. Our tour guide said he was alone diving and he ran out of oxygen that's why he didn't survive. So don't dive here alone, they restrict that, if you're new to the place, listen to the tour guides who have much experience in navigating the area, think for your own safety all the time. Some beautiful places may look harmless, but the more beautiful it looks sometimes, the more dangerous it is. These rock formations are limestones, which became a beautiful background for a quick photoshoot (hehe). You may notice the sharp edges on top of these rocks when you get there, these were actually formed by acid raindrops as years go by. Imagine, these limestone rocks were actually under the sea level before, look how grateful we are to see and touch it now.

The Secret Beach of Matinloc Island/Secret Lagoon

The Secret Beach and Lagoon is only accessible when you enter through a small key-hole like to get into this beautiful hidden paradise. This beach was said to inspire an English Author Alex Garland in writing his novel in 1996 "The Beach". It looks like a swimming pool that has a deep emerald water and it's a quiet spot to swim, though it was summer and the queue was long when we visited, as soon as you reach the hidden lagoon, your voice will echo and you will notice that the water is serene. This enchanting beach is a perfect hideaway, a spot to play hide and seek, like literally.

(I can't show you right now the secret lagoon photos because they got corrupted and we're still in the process of recovering it...will add it up here soon..)

The Big Lagoon

And finally, the famous Big Lagoon! This is my favorite among all beaches and islands that I featured here. Big Lagoon was the main highlight of this tour and it is said to be the most popular place to go in El Nido. It was the most romantic and relaxing spot for me because it was so quiet when you reach the farthest area kayaking. Yes, if you wanna explore this place, aside from your boat, you can also rent a kayak (Php300). It's a tropical paradise where some areas are shallow and some are deep.

That's it guys, hope you enjoyed this late post about our El Nido tour. Will post a video about this trip on my vlog as soon as we recover all our clips. If you haven't visited El Nido yet, next summer is the perfect time to explore and enjoy the tour. Hope I convinced you in any way. Btw, thanks for the view. Ciao. <3


  1. Oh my gosh! I love all your photos. This place looks so beautiful! xo



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