"Kantorini" - The Santorini-Like Food Park in Katipunan

Looking for a new place to eat out with your family and friends? Well, the not too far away Kantorini Food Park is now open to satisfy your cravings. It was June 2 when they first started to operate. Unlike any other food park, Kantorini has this white and blue set up like the beautiful Santorini in Greece. It is located in Katipunan Avenue near Ateneo De Manila University Quezon City, obviously why they call it Kantorini.  People are coming to try their food and experience the vibe of the pristine Santorini-like food park in Katipunan even on their soft opening.

This Santorini-inspired food park in Katipunan is a picture perfect place to enjoy and hang out with your barkada while enjoying the delicious food at the same time. Kantorini Food Park is open daily from 4PM-12MN and there are so many food stores/menus to choose from. I actually love how creative they are when they serve the food/dish. If you've been to different Santorini resorts here in the Philippines and wish to come back but your schedule is stopping you, then drop by to Katipunan, see and experience the Santorini vibe yourself so you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. It was not my intention to blog it, but we took some photos of the food we ordered that day and the place is so nice, so why not? I am a self-proclaimed Foodie and I think it might be good to share it with people like me too (hehe). Hope this helps you on your food tasting and city travel journey. Enjoy the photos!

We arrived around 5PM and left around 7PM last Friday (TGIF I know, guess we deserve this, lol). See how beautiful the lights were at night and how cozy it can be. Can't wait to try other food soon when we come back. :) 

And that's it, if you were convinced then you're welcome, I hope it serves it's purpose. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more. Ciao! <3

For more information about Kantorini, visit their FB Page HERE.

Photos by: Nikki John Tagayuna


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