Why You Should Visit Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar?

This picturesque place really captured my heart easily because of its vivid scenery inspired by the colony of the Spanish Empire in the Philippines. Most of the Philippines archipelago came under the Spanish rule and  our houses way back years were designed by the Spanish architect-engineer Salvador Farre, these houses were built in accordance to the Philippines tropical temperature. Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar brings out the beauty and history of the Philippines by restoring these famous heritage houses all in this Spanish colonial village located in Bagac Bataan.

I couldn't believe my eyes how beautiful this place is and even if some houses were replicas and some are 30-80% original, still what matters is that everything is tangible and real. I love historical places so much and this tourist destination just exceeded my expectation. Thank you to our energetic (with sense of humor) tour guide that day, the stories behind these houses are extraordinary...really amazing. No matter how good or bad it was, these remains will leave a mark and it will always serve as an inspiration and a guide to all of us who are still living in this uncertain world.

Btw, entrance fee is Php1500/head, inclusion of a map, bottled water, cold towel, borrowed umbrella, 1 and half hour tour guide to the heritage houses and museums, access to their pool and beach, day tour is only until 6pm. You can buy food in their restaurants, visit and chill in a coffee shop, enjoy pasta in their Italian restaurant or book a hotel accommodation overnight, click HERE to check prices and room availability. Have fun during the Kalesa ride with Php75/head only or just rent a bike for Php150/hour. I didn't rent a bike though as advised by my friends. :)

View from the house's window. :)

For more information about Las Casas, visit their website HERE.

The carabao race, they headed to the beach where the race was held.

The beach and pool :)

Hope you enjoyed these photos taken by me and Nikki. Next post will be a video of this trip. 
Thanks for the view. Ciao! <3


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