Activities To Try In Hundred Islands

To celebrate my 29th birthday, one of the highlights was our trip in Hundred Islands Alaminos City, Pangasinan. It's my first time to be here and thanks to Nikki for this awesome surprise, he just told me about this 2 days before our trip, he wants me to bring everything that I'll be needing for that day. He said that he wants me to see the beauty of Hundred Islands and to experience the extreme activities, which I wasn't aware much of, good thing I didn't research about it just to feel the momentum of surprise "still" on that day. But yeah, I was still surprised! Thank you Amiel (Nikki's bestfriend) and Bles for your hospitality, we really enjoyed our stay and will surely come back and explore more islands again soon. Thank you my love for the best surprise ever! Really appreciate it.

There are 123 at high tide and 124 at low tide and believed to be 2 million year-old islands located in the City of Alaminos in the province of Pangasinan, reason why they call it Hundred Islands. There are also ancient corals and giant clams that you will see when you do snorkeling. We've also noticed some peculiar mushroom like island shapes and some forming like turtles and crocodiles when you go island hopping, these shapes were all caused by the eroding action of waves. Amazing natural art indeed!

Alaminos City was celebrating their annual festival and they decorated the roads with these aerial umbrellas in color white and red. It was a great design for summer, coz in our country, we don't just use umbrellas during rainy season, but also during summer.

I don't know what to expect that day, but I'm sure it's gonna be fun and a little challenging. Really an unforgettable experience. Some new things that I've never experienced in my life before we're something that I've done here, I can't believe it though, like really??? Crazy! So let me share with you the activities that you might wanna try when you visit Hundred Islands, too. If you are the adventurous type of traveler, then try this (in case you haven't tried them yet)...

Helmet Diving

You may find this a common water activity in Boracay or anywhere, but what makes this different are the giant clams that you can see below. I was a bit scared at first coz it may just close and lock my foot in it, but divers said that it's safe, still better be mindful down there. We also brought skyflakes to feed these tropical fish, a living proof that there are really many fish in the sea. It's a 20 minute dive with 3 meters deep water that will cost Php400/person only. We didn't use lens filters on these photos, wish I could've brought one for a better view, yet they said it's still stunning. 

Cave Diving

We did this for free, yayyy, yes it's free! The cave is in Marcos Island and they call it the Imelda Cave, named under the wife of Philippines Ex-President Ferdinand Marcos. The cave was stinky because of bats that you can also see hanging inside. But the main event is to dive on this cave where you can see clearly the cave's floor. It's a 5 minute hike from our boat, just enough to catch our breath! I swear, it's pretty deep, you're not allowed to jump without a vest, so it's safe. Funny moments when in every group who jumped, there's always one person who's scared to do it. Haha! On situations like this, if you're planning to dive/jump, do not hesitate, just do it, for your own safety!


Snorkeling costs Php 250/person with full set of gear rental. I love snorkeling, it's the most relaxing thing to do. In Hundred Islands, there's one area where you can clearly see the giant clams, bigger than what you can see in helmet diving. It's so big like the size of my bed, just don't dare to touch it or anything under the sea to preserve it's beauty. We captured it using our gopro and it looked really amazing. I've never seen anything like it before. I'll make a video of it so you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about. While snorkeling, you are not allowed to feed the fish, please take note!

We haven't tried everything yet because we already lack time, so I wish to come back again soon. I want to try the zipline when I come back, it closed early when we arrived in Governor's Island, sadly, while the whole Quezon Island was rented by a group who traveled in a cruise ship. It's okay, atleast there's more to try next time and reasons to come back. If you're planning to visit Hundred Islands, please transact your business at the City Tourism Office in Hundred Islands National Park, they will answer all your questions and will offer all activities and the boats that you need.

Other activities to try:

Zip-line (546 m) (Governor's Island)   Php250/Jump
Zip-line (120 m) (Quezon Island)   Php100/Jump
Wall Climbing  Php50/pax
Rapeling  Php50/pax
Banana Boat Riding (minimum of 6 pax) Php250/person
Kayaking (max of 2 pax)  Php250/hour
Jet Ski  Php1000/15 mins
Parasailing  Php1,500/person (2-3 pax)

For boat rentals, island rentals and accommodation rates, click HERE.

Still prepping for my vlog about this trip, will keep you posted.
Thanks for the view! Ciao. <3


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