Random Thoughts Before Birthday Month Ends

Yes, I just turned 29 this March and it's not the years in your life that counts, it's the memories acquired, the friends you've gained, the lessons you've learned and the choices you've made. When you think about random thoughts and everything that comes to your mind are happy memories, therefore you have a good life. When you're having fun, you're making memories, good memories that you won't forget and will add up to the spice of your life, memories that will make you feel at peace as long as you live(I've mentioned too much "memories" here, forgive me...). 

Sadness is unavoidable especially when we think about bad moments, yet it's also good to feel it and realize after. And if there's too much sadness, just recall the blissful times in your life, this is the best way to make yourself  happy in the present. In this world, nothing is permanent, what you need today may become obsolete tomorrow, so my point here is, chances must not be taken for granted, opportunity must be grabbed once it comes to your way, that everything has a purpose and results are based on the decisions we make. You may have failed once and that's absolutely fine, it's a sign that it wasn't meant for you and that something better is coming for you. To your loved ones, career, passion and goals, remember that successful people also have downfall, not just once, but many times yet they stood up, they mastered to focus on what they really love and pursued what they really want. Life is full of trial and error, you still have time, win it, coz this game of life is not yet over.

Thanks for this my love. <3

Makeup used. <3

Thanks for the view! <3


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