Caluwayan Palm Island Resort & Restaurant in Marabut Samar

One side trip from our recent local getaway was the Caluwayan Palm Island Resort & Restaurant in Samar. Samar has a lot of beautiful beaches, so we searched for the nearest one from Tacloban, Leyte and tada, seriously we fell inlove! This 2-hour drive from Tacloban to Samar was totally worth it. The infinity pool and the clouds reflecting to it, the fresh air, relaxing wave sounds from the beach, the halo-halo and pancit we ordered, wow, I miss it already!

This eco-tourism oriented resort comes with affordable accommodation rates and cottages. We were charged a cottage fee of Php500 only but it's good for 10-15 people atleast. Walk-in guests are welcome, if you just wanna drop by. Swimming pool rate is only Php200 and for the beach villas and room rates, just click HERE. They are open Monday-Friday from 7AM-7PM and they also offer water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking and sailing. The rock formations were so beautiful, yet we only saw it from afar. Though it was just a quick stay, we undeniably enjoyed the place so much, just a perfect timing to be a beach bummer for a while. For more details, check their website HERE. Enjoy! <3

Photographer: Nikki John Tagayuna <3


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