5 Things To Do In Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island is a very beautiful paradise, like heaven. To spend a day here is truly worth it, though we've been through a little challenge going to this island (watch our video below), still our efforts have paid off. We had a day tour trip here since we don't wanna stay overnight and build our own tent anymore, we just wanna relax, enjoy the salty water, play, have fun and soak up some sun.

Travel buddies on the go! Our boat costs Php3000 only plus entrance fee Php160/pax.

It was very sunny, yet no sunshine can stop us from having fun. Like, can you even resist such a beauty? This beautiful sand bar is just too good to be true, I promise, we all fell inlove. Whenever my friends and I talk about this enchanting island in our private group chat, we always wish to come back again one day...and we've been planning to visit lakes and other islands real soon, Leyte has a lot of beautiful islands to discover. Guess we're all addicted to paradise!

So if you've been eyeing for this beautiful island, they already have cottages, dressing rooms and a public restroom for travelers. No fresh water and no restaurant, so make sure to bring your own food, mineral water and snacks. You can also rent a tent for Php1000/24hrs that is already good for four people or just simply bring your own. Cottage fee is Php250, we also rented beach chairs and a table worth Php50 each. Not bad! You might think staying here all day may be a little boring because of the islands simple lifestyle, well nope, coz happiness is always a choice, and to keep you and your friends upbeat and relaxed at the same time, here are the 5 things that you need to do in Kalanggaman Island;

1. Sit on this famous chair.

This wooden chair which everyone calls famous is something to take advantage of (for photography sake :)) Everybody is taking photos with it. So here I am, making sure to have my own version too. Here's a funny story, while doing a time lapse video, I fell asleep. Lol!

2. A perfect time to relax.

It was windy, so the sun won't hurt your skin much, the water temperature was perfect, and the sand was my favorite. I swear, if this is also for a time lapse video, I might fall to sleep too. Haha! #BeachBum

3. Shoot underwater photos and videos with your friends.

Underwater shots are always amazing and a fun activity to do with your friends. Make sure to capture every funny moments even under the sea. My friends and I created a video that time, though we tried few takes, we never lose our energy just to make sure we capture the highlights of our swimming moment. Haha!

4. Never forget to make scripted photographs with your friends.

If you have friends whom you share crazy stuff with, then that's great. You can always do scripted photographs like jumpshots and whatever you may like. It's always fun to direct your friends what pose to do just to make you all look uniform.

5. Lastly, just have fun and appreciate nature.

Remember, you're there to seize every moment and appreciate what God has created for us. Stop complaining about the flaws that you see in your surroundings, instead just be grateful and thankful that you get to see the beauty of nature that not everyone has a chance to see.

Kalanggaman Island is in Palompon 6300, Leyte

How to go to Kalanggaman, check it HERE.
For more details, check their website HERE.

Check out the video of our trip below. Have fun! <3

Thanks for the view. <3


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