The Puzzle Mansion Museum in Tagaytay

My boyfriend surprised me to this place because he knows I love going to museums. I've heard a lot about this famous puzzle collection of Gina Gil-Lacuna, yet never had a chance to drop by before. So he decided to take me to places I've never been, though I've been to Tagaytay many times, but never yet in the Puzzle Mansion. He took me here for our pre-valentines celebration since I have office work on weekdays.Thank you my love. <3

Gina Gil-Lacuna is the 61 year old Filipina collector of 1028 puzzles and one of them won the most prestigious award when she broke the record of having the largest jigsaw puzzle in the world, single handedly completed only by Gina which is now on the Guinness Book of World Records. Gina is also an entrepreneur, but people tag her as the "Puzzle Queen" because of her collection that are now on display at the Puzzle Mansion Museum in Tagaytay. Sadly year 2014, Gina passed away because of heart attack, but her memoirs will always remain and will live forever. The museum is still open for public, thank you for sharing with us your passion and greatness Gina Gil-Lacuna, you are truly an inspiration to all artists.

Entrance fee is only worth Php100.

I was pleased because the place was relaxing, away from toxic. Air is fresh, thanks to the trees. It's not too crowded and even if the sun is out, it didn't  burn my skin, that's why I love Tagaytay. I wish the weather is always like this anywhere I go, but I know we can't have it all. I was also surprised by the mini resort outside the museum. I think it's a perfect background for a quick photoshoot, I can say that this place is hidden, that's why I took advantage of it. Haha! Check their Bed and Breakfast Suite rates HERE.

Now let me tour you inside the museum and see some collection so I can also show you my top favorites. Enjoy!

At the museum entrance displays the certificate from Guinness World Records. Behind us is one of the puzzles completed by Gina Gil-Lacuna. Some puzzles were completed hours, some were days and weeks. Wow!

Of all the puzzles, this is my favorite, that's because I love beachessss!
I told ya I love beachessss! Hehe...
Next is this, coz pandas are cute.
This looks classic!
Disney characters especially Mickey Mouse must always be on the list.
This cat wants to touch meee...
Stop staring at me like that!
So make the most out of it!
Hello Mr. President Duterte.
Check out amazing 3D puzzles below..

There are still a lot to see and we were so amazed on how many hours every puzzles were done, how many pieces to complete each display and looking at every piece made me realize she must've been staying home for long. Well if it's your passion and it makes you happy, just do it! Winning the Guinness World Records' not a joke, it's incredible. Aside from the collection, they also have a mini-pantry on the second floor, there you will also see on display the 2nd to the biggest jigsaw puzzle (left side of pantry) and the biggest one (right side) that won the Guinness World Records.

2nd Biggest Puzzle In The World
The Biggest Puzzle In The World
They also have a souvenir shop on the second floor where they sell puzzles/3D puzzles, accessories, apparels, shoes, bags, etc..

Playing with a puzzle is not as easy as it looks, it takes a lot of time, energy and effort. Patience is the key, once completed, dayuuumm, it feels great, you feel smarter after (haha, you know it if you've played it). If you're planning to visit this place, do not leave without trying their famous "Buko Cream Pie", it's the most delicious pie ever especially if you love creams, it's absolutely mouth watering, trust me you'll love it!

To reach the place, here's the complete address, Cuadra Street, Brgy Asisan, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite (just waze it). Thanks for the view! :)


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