Eat, Sleep, Contour, Repeat!

This is a post to thank all the people who have been part of my journey and trusted my work as a makeup artist. I've been very grateful for what I've learned from my mentor MissDi, glam team Len (HMUA), Eldread (HMUA), Marlon (Hairstylist) and my boyfriend Nikki (Photographer) salamat sa group effort, more gigs to come. Oh, I have to be honest, thank you also to Youtube! 

I made this blogpost to say thank you!

I am an artist and I think outside of the box...always! Artists never quit and never stop dreaming about beautiful things. We take risks and chances coz we know everything is an opportunity. We may fail once or twice but we always stand for our goals, move on, learn from those mistakes and never do it again. I always think that life is like a fairytale, that's why I love Disney Princesses, but I know living in this world is not always easy, just like in every fairytale, there are also issues that need to be dealt with by the main character, yet it's always a happy ending. Remember happiness will not be handed to you, you need to find it. Once found, you have to grasp it, fight for it in order to get what you want. The point is, you get what you want as soon as you decide that you really want it. So if you have a dream job, places to travel or person you love, don't just give up!

 For my clients (and future clients), I always want them to feel extraordinarily beautiful yet classy and confident in every special day. Making them feel like the most gorgeous Princess in this world, like anyone could ever imagine. This is my mission for starting the Tayme Makeup Artistry business/service, coz every woman deserves that. I'm happy receiving positive feedbacks and if you've been one of my clients, THANK YOU, for allowing me to enhance your beauty and style your hair, it's always been an honor to me. And for my co-makeup artists reading this post, thank you for inspiring every woman to become more beautiful and confident each day, lets not pull each other down, we should learn from each other and we must establish a healthy competition to be good in what we do. :)

I also wan't to share few of my makeup gigs after graduating from TCMI Fashion Academy Philippines, these are clients from December 2016 to January 2017... brides, wedding entourage, birthday celebrants, event attendees, performers, students, moms, models, etc., 

Fore more photos of my portfolio, follow me on Instagram and my Facebook Page. Ciao! <3


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