4 Attractions in Yoki's Farm Tagaytay


After the Puzzle Mansion Museum visit last Valentines, we also headed to a hidden farm in Mendez Cavite, also just around Tagaytay as part of my boyfriends one day itinerary (because he's so organized planning this). Surprisingly, I've never heard about this place before. Unlike any other farms, Yoki's Farm has 4 attractions to enjoy aside from seeing plants/crops. They have Artifact Museum, an Orchid Farm, Mini Zoo and Hydroponic Farm, all in one place.

1st. The Hydroponic Farm

The farm is set up under a controlled water flowing continuously through the plants. That means, they are not planted in soil (soil-less). It's called hydroponics, it's a simple water way that runs through the system to keep the plants alive while flourishing it. Amazing? Indeed!

They use styro-cups with two holes at the bottom to let the water flow and the roots are supported using an inert medium such as perlite, rockwool, clay palettes, peat moss or vermiculite. This hydroponic system is ebb and flow, otherwise known as flood and drain. You can plant crops such as parsley, basil, herbs, chamomile, anise, chervil, cannabis, catnip, or mostly green leafy vegetables with this method, yet  it is highly advisable to plant with hydroponic system in cold places. Compared to traditional gardening, pacifica hydroponics first advantage is the indoor growing of plants are being expedited to harvest later, this method also provides extra oxygen in the growth phase, which stimulates root growth. Brilliant? Now I want some salad! :)

2nd. The Orchid Farm

My mom loves orchids, I wish I can get her one soon. Looking very cool though it's sunny, with our tour guide that day, who's been very patient with me because I took so much photos everywhere I go. Haha! I've got nothing more to say, but orchids are colorful, fragrant and in short, beautiful!

3rd. The Mini-Zoo

Yoki also has a lot of bird collection in his farm, caged and taken cared of by his people. My favorite is the Alexandrine Parakee (Psittacula eupatria). She's very curious about people and she's also fearless. I've never been this close to parrots before, obviously, yet they are so friendly, bright, gentle and independent. 

4th. The Artifact Museum

Here you can see Yoki's thousands collection of artifacts from different parts of the world. I wonder how this whole gym of antiques would cost though. Nevertheless, these are NOT FOR SALE. Yoki is just one of those collectors who loves keeping and displaying them all in one place. This huge Buddha behind me is made of fiber glass and was installed here to keep it up. As mentioned by our tour guide, he also collected deodorant balls, billiard tables, old telephones, typewriters, old computers, etc.. See photos below. :)

Complete address is Tabluan Road, Barangay Palocpoc 1, Mendez, Cavite, you can contact them at Mobile#: 09228014220 and they are open 7AM to 5PM, entrance fee is just Php100/person. 

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for the view. <3


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