Adventures at Masungi Georeserve

Due to curiosity and love for nature, I was invited by my boyfriend's family to visit one of the best trail ever and it is located in Tanay Rizal, the Masungi Georeserve. Isn't it beautiful? I look chill though, but BTS I wasn't. My legs were shaking and it was raining that time. I was stiff up there because the wind was strongly blowing me away and I can't help but stay in tact no matter what happens. My motivation is to FINISH THE TRAIL, if I give up, it will be a shame to a man whose age is 80 and successfully finished the whole trail with no short cut. It was amazing and I keep thinking how strong his grip was during the trek and how healthy he seems to be. So I told myself, "Tayme, c'mon, you've waited for this! This is it and there's no turning back", breathed heavily. Haha!

Masungi Georeserve is a conservation area that has a natural rustic rock formation garden located in the rainforest of Tanay Rizal. For those who are asking, it's a 4 hour trek (still depends on your walking speed) and a light snack before exiting the trail will be served before returning to your cabana. A quick briefing of Masungi Georeserve's history will be discussed by the assigned Ranger to your group (they're like tour guides but they prefer to be called Rangers because they are also trained on how to rescue people) before starting the walk.We had 2 assigned Rangers in our group. They gave us helmets, raincoats (for any sudden rain), drawstring backpacks, bottled water and granola bars. Smoking and bringing your own snacks are strictly prohibited. They say you can only leave footprints and nothing more. The point is....they are conserving the beauty of nature seriously and they always want to preserve it as much as they can. People here are doing extra effort to maintain the rainforests' cleanliness. So if you're planning to visit this place too, please cooperate. 

I'm excited to share my experience and I also created a video for this awesome adventure. If you and your friends are interested in visiting this place, you need to be atleast 7-15 people in a group and price per head is Php1800. Weekends are fully booked until February, but on weekdays, there are still slots available. But I advise you to advance your booking and it will still be best if you check their website HERE for the available dates and schedules. Masungi Georeserve also wants to control the people visiting the area. They are really working hard to preserve it's beauty while doing their very best at the same time to accommodate all request visits. 

Now here's the full video of our Masungi adventure. Enjoy! 🔻


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