Thoughts While Hiking At The Peak of Calaguas Mountain

Beautiful blue and green color it is! Yup, making a post for this beautiful island again and I just want to share the awesome photos we took that day. We make it a point to take a snap a lot so I won't regret it as I go home, regardless how tired and burnt my skin was. The subject here is not me, it's what's around me. 

Moments in my life where I feel grateful living in this world, that's when I see nature! People say that when you share too much how awesome your life is on social media , that's how wrecked your life is in reality. I am 50/50 on that. For most people who share good things, really experience good things in their life. How can I go wrong with all the evidences? Whenever I see one, I don't find them  bragging on it, just sharing which makes it more inspiring. Do you think this way too or the other way around? Behind a beautiful photograph is sometimes also a struggle of taking it. That's where my other 50% goes. No matter how relax, happy or energetic someone looks like on their photos, it's not always as chill and good as they look in reality. Every photography enthusiast can relate to this and it's a funny truth. But for some people taking good photos but they don't really appreciate the people and the environment around, my advise is, be real! If you don't like it, don't do it. If you love it, don't be ashamed of doing it. I'm lucky to have friends who share the same interest like mine. But if your friends aren't like you, do not force them and do not complain if you've been too pushy but not satisfied with the outcome. Be yourself! Savor every good moment and learn to appreciate your surroundings. Beauty and love can be found everywhere, just open your eyes.

Do I look like I was having so much fun? Hell yeah!

(Photos are raw.)
Ciao! :)


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