Sip & Gogh - Paint & Sip Studio Philippines

Looking for a place to relax while doing something incredible at the same time? 
I recommend Sip & Gogh!

Instead of buying your coffee somewhere else or sipping your glass of wine in a luxury hotel, try this new way to relax and have fun. Art has become a requirement to every establishment wherever you go. The more artistic they become, the more people go to that place. Why? For the sake of having a good background on our Instagram posts (I call myself guilty on this! Lol.).Thanks to the the people who are highly influential when it comes to art and design. You inspire more people to appreciate life and encourage a lot of us to become creative and artistic. It's a gateway to value simplicity even more in this fast changing world.

Going back to Sip & Gogh, it's a newest entertainment in town where people are given an opportunity to share their talents and enhance creativity skills through paintings. It's the first sip & paint concept in the country. Those I heard before were located in the U.S.. Well, I'm glad we have this in our country now and I won't let this chance slip away. 

It's actually my first time to paint, so thanks to my love for taking me here. It felt like having dreams and turning them into reality. I used to have plans of painting but I don't know if I have time and enough space at home, too. I really need a bigger space to make myself comfortable, and I'm glad they have this so I can just visit anytime whenever I'm in the mood to play around with colors. Great!

All packed and done. Yay! It took me 4 hrs. to finish the whole painting. That ain't easy though, I thought the photo I took in Mindoro Beach Vigan City is the easiest subject to paint, but I was wrong (sorry if underestimated those nipa huts, those tiny details were the toughest, hehe...). I really had a great time. I'll be coming back with some friends hopefully on December. It's very addicting (tbh)!


 If you wanna take someone out and you wanna let them express what's inside their heart, take them here  and maybe there's a branch near your place. Check out their website for their branches HERE and for more details. <3


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