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The City of Vigan is the capital of the beautiful province Ilocos Sur situated in the northern part of Luzon that used to be a coastal trading post in pre-colonial times. It's local architecture was influenced by the Spanish colonial that made it a unique and beautiful City now in the Philippines. It's cozy golden-lights ambience and romantic Spanish-style houses (especially at night) will make you feel like living in the past. So allow me to take you to these places with our collection of extensive photographs that we took on our 3-day trip.

The Calle Crisologo - Mena Crisologo Street

Known to be the famous attraction of Vigan because of it's Spanish-style houses in the mestizo district. There are Hotels, restaurants, commercial stores and night life when you pass by this street. It's a must to hang-out here when visiting Vigan because it's the most beautiful old-world pre-war street that I've ever seen.

Hidden Garden

Chill out and enjoy a sumptuous lunch at Hidden Garden of Vigan. I thought at first it was just a normal garden with flowers and plants, but they actually sell them at a very reasonable price, too. The Lilong & Lilang Restaurant is a place where you can enjoy lunch or dinner with your family and friends. If you're a nature lover and a food lover at the same time, then this place is for you.

Baluarte Zoo

If you love animals and you want to have some photos with them, then this is highly suggested for you. Baluarte is owned by Governor Chavit Singson that has the capacity to house all kinds of animals, cultural and commercial events. The place is well-preserved and almost free to visit. We just paid Php500 to have some photographs with the domestic and wild animals.

Ruby Pottery

Here people are making pots and sell them. They allow visitors to try making one. Well, I'm not so good but think I did great!lol! You can do it for free but it's still best if you donate an amount of cash when you visit this place. I was never good in sculpting, but I enjoyed playing with the clay mud so much. Just a new thing to experience. 

Syquia Mansion Museum

Syquia Mansion is the memorabilia of President Elpidio Quirino (the 6th Presidenet of the Philippines) in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. This mansion used to be the official residence of the President. It is huge and still intact. This ancestral house is one of the most beautiful houses in Vigan City. It became open for public viewing since 2014 and everyone can visit the mansion for free. (no camera flash allowed)

Provincial Jail Ilocos Sur  Museum / Burgos National Museum

This old Provincial Jail of Ilocos Sur has now became one of the National Museums of the Philippines. It was newly renovated, very clean and this museum shares the culture of the Philippines and local contemporary art. Behind the provincial Jail is the Burgos Natonal Museum. It also displays a lot of photographs of our heritage and shares about the Vigan history during the Spanish colony through beautiful paintings. It was quiet, my heart was overwhelmed, the feeling was heavy and I began to become curious about it's historical secrets. (no camera flash allowed)


St. Augustine Parish Church / Bantay Bell Tower

Commonly known as Bantay Church, is very popular and one of the most visited places of the tourists. It's also where Panday, the famous Philippine local Hero shot some of the scenes for the movie Panday. Bantay is famous for it's Bell Tower. It's beautiful and air is fresh when you reach the topmost. 


Mindoro Beach, Vigan City

A place to relax. It was high tide due to the season, but still, nothing beats the beach therapy. It's just 5 minutes away from the Hidden Garden. Not bad for a quick beach get away. We didn't swim but we enjoyed sightseeing while walking along the shore.

Vigan City has been named the 7 Wonder Cities of the world. Wow! It deserves it. My experience was really amazing. There are still more places to visit in Vigan, if you haven't gone there yet but planning to go soon, include these on your bucketlist, you'll really enjoy I promise!


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