Night At The Petronas

When we visited Malaysia, all we planned was just to chill and stay in our hotel that day. My friends and I checked in at Signature Hotel Kuala Lumpur Sentral.

We were so exhausted and all we wanna do was try and eat their famous curry flavored spicy noodles as we watch the latest news on tv. What a bum, I know (lol)! I am a fan of curry, but promise that experience reached almost the highest level of my marginal utility (hehe)!

But we couldn't miss the highlight of our Malaysia trip. At night, which is said to be the best time to visit the famous Petronas Twin Towers for sight seeing, the light that covers the whole tower is such a lovely thing to see. Our efforts were all paid off at that moment when we saw how beautiful it was designed and constructed. Perhaps we are new to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, visiting the Petronas Tower is really a must since it's one of their most iconic attractions that defines the city as a tourist destination. Despite of our short visit, we still wanted to try many other happenings and discover other attractions in Malaysia. If only we had more time! Maybe on our next visit? Now here are some photos with my friends and some friends we also met that night. :)

We also went to the NU Sentral Shopping mall to buy some stuff in SAM'S Groceria. We took the benefit of buying fresh food, snacks and other stuff with reasonable prices.

Then went for a coffee at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf before leaving. It was indeed a chill day and we really enjoyed our short stay in Malaysia.

Excited to share more next time when we come back.
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Thanks for the view. Ciao! :)


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