Styled by STYLEWE

I admire the art of fashion styling passing and changing from one generation to another. It's like a cycle of life! To be honest, I used to love the comfort that I get from casual androgynous styling, but that was way back childhood days. Yet, the "fashion confusion" has put to an end as I grow, I've learned to embrace a new style and I'm loving it, they call it the "chic style". 

Understanding the type of fashion you love can actually simplify your shopping experience. As a personal lady shopper, the time we spend shopping on malls can also be tiresome and cumbersome. If you're on a busy schedule, try making the most out of your time and do online shopping. Trust me, it's worth it!

Online shopping is one of my special techniques whenever I want to look for a unique outfit or item to wear. We all know how fast social media works, so if you wanna know the latest fashion trends, styles, outfit ideas and many more, be up to date, go online! The current news are always at your fingertips. I'm actually a frequent online shopper and I've discovered this one shopping site that sells fashionable and trendy clothes. It's called STYLEWE and it's where I got this White Casual Asymmetric Plain Romper that I wore when I was strolling around with my friends in Singapore. Trust me, they strictly follow delivery time-frames from coast to coast, that's why I was impressed when I got this outfit immediately, knowing that it was shipped from London.

StyleWe is an online shopping platform featuring independent designers. They provide original, high quality and exclusive fashion products to shoppers like us. I really love how comfortable this romper fits me and how good it looks on my photographs. Just the perfect outfit for the sunny weather of Singapore. 

If you want to check out their latest fashion ideas and outfits, visit their website by clicking HERE

Happy shopping! :)


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