Professional Makeup Workshop With Miss Di Marasigan

It was an exciting moment for me when I was invited to attend another workshop conducted by Miss Di Marasigan of Angle by Di. But this time I took advantage of their Professional Makeup Workshop held at TCMI Fashion Academy in Marikina City. It's an advanced training for those who want to pursue makeup artistry as a service or a personal business.

How can I be a makeup artist?

If you have this question at the back of your mind, the answer is always "having an eye for beauty". It's like seeing a woman walking down the street, wearing simple clothes, not so fancy and doesn't have any makeup on yet you already know how to enhance the detailed features of her face by just simply looking at her, then that's an eye for beauty.

Yup, not everyone has that, but if you think you have the trait of knowing how to make someone beautiful, then you have the potential. Fashion is like a tree house, where everyone connects, each performs a distinct role yet every role works on the same goal, BEAUTY, and makeup artistry is one with the big role. Having a skill can grow big if you learn and practice with a Professional. We may have our own techniques, but always take advantage of what you can learn from them. Find time, it's always worth it!

It's always an honor to be one of the students of MissDi. She's a Certified Professional Hairstylist and HD-Makeup Artist, a Model-Coach and Director of TCMI Fashion Academy, an International Model herself, Head HMUA (Hair and Makeup Artist) of Best Model Asia Pacific 2015-2016 and Modele Philippines 2016 by PMAP (Professional Modeling Association of the Philippines) and TCMI Fashion Academy.

This another exciting experience for me is nerve breaking at the same time. I feel pressured on perfectionism whenever I attend classes like this, reason why I find it amazing how other artists remained so calm especially on fashion shows. Or maybe I just don't know. Whenever I watch Fashion TV, it boosts my urge to pursue my passion even more. I admire how they all work hand in hand even under time pressure.

It's something I really need to work and stay focused on, though I feel like having tremors every time I'm under pressure. Lol! My excitement is just killing me sometimes, yet MissDi helped me a lot to cope with that weakness. I just have to be more comfortable and relaxed whenever I'm in that situation, it's called grace under pressure.

I really can't wait to share my  whole experience, but now, I want to pause for a while and will make the workshop more detailed from Day 1-Day 3. Each blogpost will contain the steps of the whole makeup application from start to finish, switching from day time to night time, from dewy to smokey. 

Here's the preparation time and we're almost ready to start. I'll be sharing the actual makeup session with my models soon. Will keep you posted!

And if you're interested to enroll on their courses, visit and LIKE their FB Page HERE

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