Professional Makeup Workshop Day 1

Being a Professional Makeup Artist is not an easy job. Well at first I thought it was, but you really need to be focused on what you're doing. Mixing colours and palettes are fun but when you apply it to other people, you have to be really careful and make sure the application is clean and always on fleek.

I've shared recently about my plan of joining a Professional Makeup Workshop with MissDi Marasigan to be held in TCMI Fashion Academy, Marikina City. And this is it! It's a 3 day workshop where MissDi discussed about professional makeup artistry, do's and don'ts, the right makeup corrector to use for the right skin tone, the importance of using a mirror and many more. MissDi also discussed about the right products to use for an indoor photoshoot versus the ones that need to be used for an outdoor shoot.

I invited a friend of mine to be my model for the day. Her name is Arianne and we've known each other since grade school. If you're reading this Arianne, thank you for joining me on my 1st day in class. I did the daytime makeup on the first hour. Just fresh makeup that will help enhance her facial assets. And I'm glad she really liked it!

Steps in makeup application:

1. Apply toner
2. Apply face primer
3. Apply eye primer
4. Apply Foundation
5. Apply makeup corrector/concealer
6. Apply powder
7. Do the eyebrows
8. Clean brows with a concealer
9. Apply neutral shade eye shadow
10. Apply liquid eyeliner
11. Apply gel liners/eyeliner
12. Curl lashes and apply mascara
13. Contour face, jawline and nose
14. Apply blusher
15. Highlight skin using highlighter
16.. Apply lip balm (for dry lips)
17. Apply lipstick
18. Use setting spray to set the makeup

Here's our quick indoor photoshoot...

After the daytime makeup, we also did the night time makeup that is suitable for night parties and clubbing. Smokey eyes are always perfect for night parties, so here's how we switched over from daytime to night time. Makeup application steps are the same, we just applied darker shade eyeshadows to create smokey eyes, thicker winged eyeliners, used false lashes, smudged the lower eyeliners with the eyeshadow, and retouched her with a darker shade lipstick.

Products used:

Ponds Toner, BYS Primer, Sophie Paris Eye Primer, L'OReal Paris Foundation, Mary Kay Concealer, Clinique Eye shadow (daytime makeup), MAC Tartan Collection Eyeshadow (nighttime makeup), Revlon Colorstay Palette, Revlon Colorstay eyeliner, BYS Contouring Powder, Tony Moly Highlighter, MAC blusher, Clinique Blusher, EB Falsies, BYS Gel Liner, Milani High Tech Liquid Eyeliner, Maybelline Mascara, Clinique Lipstick (daytime), Pinkies Nude Lipstick, MAC Whirl (nighttime), NYX Setting Spray.

And now we're done! Here's our quick photoshoot, also meet my classmates and now my glam team Eldread and Len, together with their models that day, also with our mentor MissDi Marasigan.

And that's a wrap! Next blogpost will be my Day 2 Professional Makeup Workshop with one of the 100 Cutest Faces in TCMI Fashion Academy. Stay tuned!

Thanks for the view. :)


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