The Basic Personal Make-up Workshop with Di Marasigan at TCMI Fashion Academy Philippines

Never stop learning. Never stop believing that you can reach for your dreams and do the things that you're passionate about. If you're lacking confidence in achieving your goals and if you're too anxious about the result, think again. Always remember that if you quit doing what makes you really happy, then you will never ever get it! 

I've been enthusiastic about photography and makeup artistry but I know that my knowledge and skills are not enough. I still need so much to learn and I am aware of the fact that there are a little confusion on the constantly changing trends nowadays. So I'm glad I was invited to Miss Di Marasigan of Angle By Di's basic personal make-up workshop at TCMI Fashion Academy

It was indeed an amazing learning experience for me. I've learned about the new trends in makeup application, high definition and quality products to use, latest techniques and also the hard work of Miss Di in the fashion industry. It inspired me a lot. So here I wanna share few photos of our workshop that day.

As Miss Di was discussing about the right palettes and brushes to use for a day time and night time makeup, we also learned the importance of creating angles, arch, triangles and circles, these are the right strokes in applying makeup. I really wanna share more about that but I want to be visual about it if you really wanna know. Maybe soon! 

Choosing the right color for your skin tone is very important. If you are still not so sure about which shade to use, consult a beauty expert, they can give you better understanding and they can explain to you further about what you need and what suits you best. We all know the power and ability of makeup to transform. It enhances our beauty and we gain more confidence. The technique is not just about having expensive makeup and tools, but also the skill in doing it. They should both work together to achieve the look you want.

Participants were also given a certificate for joining the workshop. TCMI Fashion Academy Philippines is not just an institution for makeup artistry but also for modelling, photography and fashion styling. If you want to know more about their services, like their FB Page HERE. Learn from the best and be the best that you can be!

Dress by EPUNGIRL. ❤
To end this post, here's one inspiring message for all the ladies...

"Treat your makeup like jewelry for the face. Play with colors, shapes, structure -- It can transform you." - Francois Bars

Thanks for the view. Ciao! :)


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