Discovering Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa

The best way to relax is when you're in a zone where you feel at ease, safe and comfortable. This is where I get peace of mind from any uncertainty and anxiety life can bring. It's like setting a mental boundary between the world where I stand and the reality in distinguishing its purpose. 

I value the power of quest for it gives meaning to my life. It enhances my capability and unlocks what's hidden which I never thought I can even do. It's okay to escape for quite some time but once you're ready, face it, embrace it and it will make you stronger!

I also wanna share this very beautiful and accessible beach resort that we visited last weekend. This toxic free environment at the beachfront of Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa located in Nasugbu Batangas is the best place to hangout with your loved ones. 
I can actually hear the waves from our room which makes it more relaxing to the ears. 

The overlooking view from the room is enticing. Clearly I can see the beauty of nature and the amazing fringe of the land to the shoreline. 

But before you soak up under the sun, make sure you pack all your essentials to always look good and feel fresh as you play around the powdery sand and hasty wind creating music out of the blue waves.

You can also enjoy their outdoor pool, children’s playground, business center with free WiFi access and restaurants. I've been eyeing for this resort the first time I heard about its positive reviews. 

For more information about Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa, visit their website HERE. They also offer affordable accommodation rates in or But I advise to always call the resort first to check the room availability.

Dress by EPUNGIRL.

Thanks for the view. Ciao! :)


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