For The Love of Calaguas

I have a bundle of unique experiences during my stay in Calaguas Island that is located in the Philippine province of Camarines Norte. The beautiful paradise brought me to the state of being tranquil. The calm surface of the sea is nearly motionless but I have this emotional excitement inside giving me the guts to do whatever I want without worrying much about the future. This is a trick to a more enjoyable get away, leave all things behind, pay attention to your surroundings, love, appreciate and just seize the day.

The way of living is very simple. People there live in a nipa hut or what we call "bahay kubo". They cooked for us and the food served were Filipino dishes. The clear blue sea, white powdery sand and green surroundings made me feel less anxious,  as if it's offering pleasure, luring me towards its natural beauty, that even those living in the city would agree and would want to experience the camp life in this tempting island once in their life .

At first, I was a bit worried imagining the situation that we'll all be loafing around the beach  and stay inside our camp tents to rest all day. No aircon, no eletricity to charge our gadgets, no iced cold water and fresh fruit shake to drink, no restroom, and no soft white bed to rest all night. I thought it's just all that, but I was wrong.

It was different and totally out of my expectation. They have generators at night connecting to light bulbs for their guests, they have public restrooms, they have stores that sell cold softdrinks and purified drinking/bottled water, they sell ice creams and we bought our favorite "pinipig" in a stick.

I must say it is well-developed now compared to the reviews and articles that I've read about the said paradise. We're lucky coz we stayed in a happy community of travellers that day and the people living there are all so kind and hospitable. I hope the Island will always be as calm and beautiful as it is now even after years. For the love of Calaguas Island, we will surely come back.

Thanks for the view. :)


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