Hello 28!

I am pleased to announce that I am now 28! Wow! I want to thank everyone who's been part of my 28 years of existence. Cheers!

Now that I'm 28, I can say that there are also few realizations in life that has gone through my head that I want to share. In this world that we all stand, we meet new people, explore new places, eat luscious food, change our wardrobe, wear new pair of shoes, etc etc..

Everyday we learn either from our own experience or from other people's experiences. We should take these lessons in life positively. We may think some are failures and downtimes, but who knows what's coming next afterwards? There's always a purpose for everything.

Here I have listed 20 of my personal realizations in life. My purpose is just to share my little thoughts about certain things now that I've reached the golden age of 28. (Haha)

I've realized that:

1. You'll have little time to celebrate life with your grade school, highschool or college friends but when you do, you still treat each other the same, as if nothing has changed. They're still your solid bff's. 

2. You'd rather use your fb messenger to communicate with your friends.

3. You'll appreciate nature more, so you'd rather plan a beach trip or hiking and have few bottles of beer than go bar hopping on Friday or Saturday nights.

4. You'd choose quality over quantity.

5. Your skincare products are far way expensive now.

6. You start exercising and doing your diet, but have little cheat days over the weekend.

7. You're starting to love neutral colors for your outfit and shade of lippies.

8. You don't trust new people you meet easily. 

9. You're more cautious with your surroundings and always on a safety first mode. 

10. Your family is your back bone.

11. You seek advice from the word of God.

12. A good ambience is very important to hang out with your friends or special someone.

13. You appreciate the history of your own heritage and even the history of the whole world.

14. You travel more, but always on a smart budget.

15. You wanna try all restaurants or food stalls that have good reviews. 

16. Everything you see is like a piece of art with the help of science.

17. You save and invest for the future.

18. You should age gracefully.

18. You live to love and be loved. ❤

20. Contentment is the key to happiness.

I hope I've shared few things that you can relate into. Credit to Nikki for my photos.

Photos were taken at Valentino Resorts & Spa located in Lipa Batangas. It's a beautiful place to stay with family and friends. Visit their website HERE

Dress from EPUNGIRL. Shoes from Vans. Bag by Zalora. Sunnies from Fly.


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