The Victoria Harbour View

Victoria Harbour is one of the major tourists attraction in Hong Kong naturally situated between Hong Kong island and Kowloon.

It's a port for thousands of international vessel each year. It's location on the South China Sea were instrumental in Hong Kong's establishment, trading and expansion.

Victoria Harbour retains its founding role as one largest commercial vessel afloat. It also plays a big part of the development as a trading centre in the British colony.

Though throughout its history, there has been series of reclamation projects undertaken in both shores. Numerous of controversy relating to environmental concerns that could affect harbour's deep sheltered waters natural habitat that may occur after all these expansions.

Yet, Victoria Harbour was able to maintain its role without affecting much the number of vessel passing through the harbour and also while maintaing the quality in terms of water and natural habitat.

Long famous for its spectacular views, it's also a site for Hong Kong's annual fireworks display, a promenade of huge events and location of shopping centres where luxurious stores and largest mall in Hong Kong can be found, the Harbour City. My friends and I enjoyed strolling around the beautiful city to see this awesome view that I used to call the walking pleasures because it will take you down to the history of the beautiful shores of Hong Kong. Also credit to my friends for these beautiful photos. Ciao! <3

Bag, shoes and top by ZALORA.


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