Leap Day Love at La Union

Looking for a good surfing spot with only few hours away from the capital? Then it's time for you to explore the large and good quality waves of San Juan, La Union.

No worries if it's your first time because with only Php400 at 4A'Ces La Union Surf School, you can already rent a long board for an hour, inclusive of a trainer and a few minutes training for safety, and enjoy the angry waves brought in on good swells at San Juan beach in La Union.

Trainers will teach you surfing basic techniques, safety procedures, do's and dont's, they will also guide you all throughout your surfing adventure for an hour. You think it's just that quick? Well no, it's just enough for beginners because the large waves are no joke. Make sure your body is in good condition and don't eat much if you wanna try it out.

And here I am after few attempts of standing on a long board...finally!!! Hehe..

San Juan is the primary surf beach in La Union. It's also called the heart of La Union and the closest surf beach resort from Manila, about 5 hours drive. I enjoy road trips so much and seeing the beautiful trees and sunshine that strikes through my lens while heading towards La Union were already mesmerizing. One of my favorite photos taken on the road is this, which made me realized how blessed I am to witness such beautiful creation. Grateful indeed!

When we reached San Juan, we did not book a room beforehand so we immediately looked for a good place to stay overnight. Most transient houses and hotels were fully booked because it's already the peak of summer. Then we found the Hillside Vine Apartment just near Little Surf Maid. If you wanna check out their rooms, visit their FB Page HERE.

The stretch of white and gray sand beaches along the town is always the main tourist attraction of La Union. The waves in the area are ideal for surfing especially during the months of November to February. San Juan beach is approximately 8 kilometers north of San Fernando. La Union beaches have blossomed to a full blown surfers' destination where competitions also take place.

Here is where you will ride bravely and challenge your first wave. Trust me, you will love it. The beach is like a temptation to extend your stay just to perfect your wave riding skills for the rest of the days. Lol! It's just a perfect definition of the word "fun". We also witnessed the beautiful sunset. Another silhouette photo for keeps!

And another happy beach bum lady here loafing around. :)

I enjoyed playing with the waves so much. La Union has so much to offer. From their fine sand beaches, good quality waves down to their cascading overlooking beautiful falls. We'll definitely come back here real soon. More travel posts to come.

Thanks for the view! <3


  1. Truly worth trying and so much fun! 😍😆😁

    1. You surf like a pro though. Thanks for joining my friends and for coming with me. ❤🏄


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