When in Macao, City in China

Macao or Macau is bordered by Guangdong of Mainland China to the north and the South China Sea to the east and south. We're bound to stay in Hong Kong, so my friends and I also planned to include Macao in our itinerary since it just lies on the western side of the Pearl River Delta about 64km across from Hong Kong.

We rode a train or MTR going to Hong Kong Ferry terminal. Booked the premium high-speed ferry service, the Cotai Water Jet giving us that convenient sailing experience with food and snacks of our choice, that's if you book on first class, that will add up a 100HKD on a single trip compared to normal fares. 

 Aside from our main route to Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal, Cotai Water Jet also operates route to Hong Kong International Airport, Kowloon and Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal. For schedules and fares, check out their website HERE.

Tada! Now that we've landed, I couldn't help staring at the beautiful and luxurious buildings everywhere. We rode a shuttle from the Taipa terminal, all for free going to the Wynn Macau Resorts. We explored the city more and we couldn't help taking photos. What a beautiful city indeed.

Just like in Vegas, Macao also styles the City with golden sculptures, neon lights, fancy stores and many more. It is free to visit all casinos and hotels inside. Yet would you believe that some of these projects were built the last 10 years only? Yes, they are huge complexes with several buildings, some having their own luxury malls inside.

Gambling has been legal to Macau since 1850. It has 33 casinos of which the biggest and most popular is The Venetian Macao. Of course, it's a must to visit the central casino district of Macau, the Coctai Strip on Taipa Island.

We also visited the famous Venetian Gondola Ride. It's romantic ambience will give you that extraordinary moment like Venice. It's a perfect escape for couples. Really nice and sweet!

To entertain the guests, Gondoliers would sing and their voices are really beautiful. I also heard that some of them are Filipinos. Proud of you Kababayans!

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This Macao experience is really unforgettable. The food were delicious too. Some restaurants served Filipino dishes and thats something that we also craved for dinner. Til my next travel post! :)

Outfit from Epungirl, shoes and bag from Zalora


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