Friday, December 25, 2015

One Day Before Christmas

 One day left and it's Christmas eve. Yay! How do you prepare for it? Are you also on a holiday rush due to your busy schedule? For me Christmas is a season of love. A season of exchanging gifts and Christmas cards. 

What I like about Christmas are the lights and decorations. It's so bright and it entails peace and joy. I wanna make this blogpost quick and short, honestly coz I just wanna share my thoughts and happiness this Christmas season. I've been very blessed with the love of my family and friends. To the people who's been there with me through ups and downs, new friends that I've met just this year, I can't thank you more enough. My dreams are also slowly falling into place and I'm so happy about it. I've been very patient when it comes to achieving my goals. Still on track and just stayed within hail. To all the good and wonderful memories I've had, whether good or bad, I consider it all as life's beautiful lessons...for me to become stronger and better everyday. No wonder that God is truly amazing. He guided me all throughout the year. I'm glad to say that this years life's challenges became easy to resolve for me. Thanks to Him. He's the reason behind all the success and happiness that I'm feeling within at the moment. I guess the essence of Christmas is to thank Him with all the blessings He bestowed upon us. If you are reading this and you feel terrible about your life, just pray! Everything will be alright. Wait and see. He will carry you every time you fall, you just have to open your heart to Him. Be patient for God will give what's best for you in his perfect time. 

Life is beautiful, so are you, so smile! :)

Have a Merry little Christmas! 

Outfit by Epungirl. Bag from Zalora

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