My Simple Daily Makeup Routine

I only have simple and light daily makeup routine. I don't apply much "everyday" for several reasons; I feel tired after long hours of sleep, it can eat so much of my time (I'm a buzzer beater fyi), I don't like massive makeup pouch to bring everyday and I wanna be "simple", since we're talking about everyday here. Lol..

Most of you can relate to what I'm exactly talking about. But I love makeup so much, never doubt that. It enhances my facial assets and it helps me cover my skin imperfections. The only time that I do heavy makeup is when I'm attending night parties, dinner dates, weddings, and other events. Yet when we talk about "on a daily basis", to be honest, I only have few makeup favorites that I can hardly live without. I've created a breakdown list below about what's inside my makeup kit that I bring everyday that you might wanna add some on your kikay kit too. 

1. I can't live without CC Creams/BB Creams. These are good makeup bases for your skin to look flawless. If you have dark circles around your eyes or acne marks, then concealers are the best solution to your problem. CC Cream is from ANEW and concealers from Mary Kay and ZA Perfect Fit Concealer. I also love √Čtude's Cotton fit BB Cream and MAC Matte Concealers.

2. Revlon Colorstay Eyeliners and The Falsies Mascara from Maybelline. These are my eye enhancers so I won't look sleepy the whole day. Everytime I missed using them, people would judge me of just waking up from the lounge. I also love the Cover Girl Mascara, it gives so much volume to my lashes and it's also smudge free.

3. Browliner from In2it Cosmetics. It has three shades the lightest brown, medium to dark tones. It's a powder like eyeshadow type brow enhancer that is very easy to apply. For ladies not so expert about fleeking those eyebrows, you might wanna try this product and do a little practice.

4. This Benefit Beauty Eyeshadow is just perfect if you wanna achieve that no-makeup makeup look. You can use any light eyeshadow that you have. I still apply a little eye shadow coz I still want that glowing eyes though.

5. Dual Powder Foundation from In2it Cosmetics and a Lash Curler. I use them after because I let the mascara and CC Cream/concealers dry first. Once dry, I tap a little powder on oily areas around my face and once done, that's when I also curl my lashes. My lashes are not tame, so curling it before applying mascara can mess it all up. I've had a lot of trial and error on this. Then I've realized that with my lashes, it actually depends on the mascara brand that I'm wearing. If the curling of the lashes and applying mascara will be better for you, or if it's the other way around, it's fine, just do whatever works for you.

6. NYX Matte Lipstick in Pink and Wet n Wild in Rose Red. I normally apply both, red as base and a slight touch of pink. But sometimes, I only use the red one.

7. In2it Blush in Pink Shade. To keep my skin glowing and still look natural, do a light upper stroke using your brush in applying blush on. I do the duck face so I can apply the areas around my cheekbones perfectly.

So that's it ladies. Hope I've shared a little simple tips for you. If you have questions and suggestions, feel free to hit me an email. To the sweet lady who got curious and asked about my makeup routine, thank you for the post suggestion and stay tune for more blog roll updates. Keep in touch! :)


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