Embrace Change

I used to cut my hair short, and I ended up loving it. So I'm cutting it shorter...again!

Thanks to David's Salon for my new Bob Haircut. I've always wanted to cut it this short, but I know it'll take a lot of courage to do it. I needed more time to think and rethink every single day. Like am I really sure about this? I've had this long hair with length about my waist for years and I have loved it. But as I age, I've realized the importance of "change". Planning about cutting my hair this short might be a little risky, coz I definitely don't know how it will look like on me. I'm not even sure if it will suit me. I mean, will I still be fine or will people around me like it too? Criticism is worse, no matter how much you deny it, as if you really care, it will still be a pain in the ass hearing things like, "She's insane to cut it that short.", or "What's her problem?" , or "It doesn't look nice." Alright, some people could hardly understand why. In the fashion world, change happens all the time. But not everyone accepts it. I'm no fashion guru but I appreciate fashion so much, yes I'm defensive about it! Fashion is like an individuals language without a need to speak. You don't need to be a professional stylist. 

How you mix colours and match things from your closet also defines who you are. How you change your look will also change other people's perspective about you. Again, I'm only pertaining to slight physical change, not your principles and character so why worry? It's still YOU! People define us according to what they see. If you want to look classy, posh, girly, silent or loud, you can definitely look one! Oh yes you can! Change if it pleases you. We may blend to the crowd or  simply stand out, it doesn't matter, if you think you look good, then you'll also feel good.

Yes, I embrace change wholeheartedly coz it makes me feel good, and when you feel good, positivity will also follow. Cheers! :)


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