Before "I do"

No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella to survive the storm together.

It's a day full of fun and love. Being a part-time event Hair and Makeup Artist, it's always a pressure to make someone feel beautiful and also look beautiful in the eyes of her guests. It's always a challenge and I always make sure that her natural beauty must be enhanced and overall blooms like a flower. Every bride must standout to her crowd. Wedding shoots and prenup shoots are my favorites...always! The flowers, lights, fancy wedding accessories, shoes, dresses, gowns, diamonds and everything that symbolizes love and prosperity. Every woman's dream is to find that Mr. Right and marry him. Life is always uncertain, mostly confusing. Fate is also playful, so if couples have reached the end of the road together, then they're meant to be. Passing all circumstances and challenges are always worth the wait, no matter how topsy-turvy life used to be. "I do..." will then be the sweetest words a man could ever hear from his soon to be wife. Just lovely!

I used Clinique Cosmetics and MAC Tartan collection for her eyes, Revlon eye liners, Mary Kay Foundation in Ivory, In2it blush, In2it face powder, In2it browliner, Clinique cosmetics highlighter, Lo Real base Primer, Lo Real Mascara and Lo Real matte lipstick.

And that's a wrap! It was a whole day shoot and I also did some hair and makeup retouches 3 times. It took us almost 7-8 hours to finish. We really waited for the sunset so we can take some silhouette shots for the couple too. And I also have mine of course. Lol! 
Thank you Luminance Imaging for the beautiful photos taken that day. Ciao! 


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