Sunday, September 20, 2015

Beach Baby on a Beach Therapy

Beach has always been my source of energy. The smell of the sea gives me that very relaxing aroma therapy removing all negativities inside my body. If you have an access to the beach, try walking barefoot on the sand for this will boost your stamina, improve body coordination and balancing skills. 

I've always been a beach baby since I was a kid. The city to where I used to be living at before we move to Manila is just a few miles away from the beach. My dad used to drive us to the beach front via pick-up car, while my siblings and I are standing at the back with our best friend Jack (our dog) singing the famous songs "space jam" and "power rangers". I grew up with my four brothers and I was like a little boy too. Oh my, those were the daysss! Lol!

I'm not the type of gal who's so "choosy" when it comes to beach trips. So long as it's safe and clean, then I'm on! So what keeps me from going back to these places aside from the raging sunkisses? Beach adventures!!! Anything that is new to me, I always take it as a serious "life" challenge. No matter how hard or easy it is. Haha! I get too excited when I see something new to try. When there's a little hesitation on it, I always bear in my mind the saying..."It's now or never!" (with extra precautions of course).

My friends and I tried this U.F.O. thingy to spice up our beach therapy on the 2nd day. This ride only cost us Php300/person. It's a ride that will make you bounce hard as it drives back and forth. It drives us crazzzy too! It's a very fun group activity with friends and family. If you're "in" for a little groupie challenge, then this crazy ride is for you! 

This jet ski ride costs Php1000/30mins. Not bad! You can ride with your friend or go solo. The weather was really perfect for a little jet ski exhibition. Wow, please take me back!

Other activities; Beach Volleyball, Island Hopping, Snorkeling, Beach Hopping, Sight Seeing, Jetski, Food Trip, Nightlife Beach Parties and Drag Queen shows. Photos were taken at White Beach and other Beaches in Puerto Galera, Philippines. For affordable large rooms/rooms with kitchen accommodation, you can visit HERE for details. Ciao! ❤

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