Know Thyself

As we grow we also experience a lot of uncontrollable needless bustle in our lives. Yet we have to deal with it. It can either hit your weakest spot or unleash your strongest side. 

Whatever petty controversy life suppressed you, just hold a stand. Don't wish to burden yourself with hate and anger. Be humble in withdrawing all anxieties and never seek revenge. Be guided and accept invitations from "good" friends. TRAVEL! You're not alone and you're definitely not a wimpy girl anymore with a feeble heart. Drain it all. It's a choice. Whatever pain and injustice that you're  feeling inside will be wiped out tomorrow. Tomorrow you will be dauntless in facing the world. Your prowess in knowing thyself will be your armor in facing the changing world. Just let your tears flow today because tomorrow will be a new day full of bliss.

This message is for everyone experiencing struggles in life. I just want to deliver this to all women too having a fragile heart. Never give up and start building a fortress against guilt, shame and regret. God is here to guide your path or He will carry you along the way. With Him hope shall withstand on it's own and you will be blessed. Stay calm and He will supply all your needs at the right time. 

Thank you my dear readers. ❤❤❤


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