Baler Surfing Beginners Guide

I promised to share my first surfing experience from my previous post. My first ride was a bit awkward and my friends can't even capture a good photo out of it, and I was like "Pwede na yan", lol. It was late afternoon when we decided to hit the beach but the waves were not on a beast mode that time. They said it's because of the season but then it's okay and I don't crave too much for the strongest waves coz again, it's my first time! LOL!

Things we need before surfing especially for beginners? 

(1) Rashguard - Especially for the ladies, do not wear a two-piece if you don't wanna end up losing your bikinis and walking down naked afterwards. 

(2) Cycling shorts or board shorts - Make sure this fits perfectly. Dark coloured cycling shorts are highly recommended. 

(3) Tie your long hair -  Always secure your long hair so you can focus more on surfing rather than fixing your hair. This will also help you avoid such accidents for any possible reason.

(4) Surf Trainer - A must for beginners, they will teach you basic surfing techniques about how and where to stand on the surfboard. They will also guide you all throughout your surfing adventure. 

(5) Surfboard - Suggested beginner surfboard designed features has additional volume with stable platforms made with durable and soft materials for an easier ride. See more surfboard designs HERE.

First thing that you need to learn on this sport is the "Surf Training Balance".  I used to do skateboarding way back highschool with my classmates who were also competing and winning on this kind of sport. They taught me how to ride and balance but I never dare to do more. The techniques and tricks on skateboarding were a bit scary and dangerous for me coz I don't have the complete gears for safety. But riding on it was really fun and I always thought that maybe my skateboarding skills or should I say just "experience" will be an edge for me to easily balance myself on a surfboard. The big difference is that skateboarding will always be easier coz you'll be playing on a flat surface, while on surfing, it'll be with the strong waves.

Baler Surfing in Aurora Province, Philippines is a very relaxing place to stay and unwind. Surf Trainers price is around Php300 and surfboard rental price is around Php300 too, but price range may vary depending on the package deal and negotiation between you and your tour guide or anyone offering the same services.

Before leaving, we went back to the shore in the morning to see the beautiful sunrise and I was stunned by what I saw. I will be visiting Baler again later this year (I hope so) and I just couldn't wait to experience and share another adventure here. Thanks for the view BTW. Ciao! :)


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