80's Gal

Prints, patterns, colourful clothed added by my new short fly away hair-do, always reminds me of a young stylish 80's gal!

Speaking of my new hairstyle, I just got tired of my super long ombre hair. Forgive me for I've always been fickleminded. Today I wanted this, the next day I don't want it anymore. My versatility is overwhelming, reason why I always take note of important things to do and buy. Aside from it helps me save my time, it also helps me stop losing everything inside my wallet. I'm guilty to confess that I'm "sometimes" exceeding the limit of my breakdown list. Pfffft!!! If you have this kind of attitude, creating your own list might help you solve a petty problem. Just stick to that! :)

Sometimes I just love awkward candid shots. 😹 My friend recommended a stylist and a salon for me. It's Vaniteux in San Pedro Laguna. It's just a small salon but the stylists are well experienced. My friend said she wanted me to have a remarkable experience since I'm craving for a little makeover. The stylist suggested a Brazilian Blowout and I am very happy with the result. I wanted a healthier hair and it just happened after 2-3 hours, or less. Not bad for a ruined dry and frizzy hair that I used to have. lol! 

My overall look made me feel like an 80's gal. By the way ladies, if you want a healthier hair or if you want to treat your hair from all the hair colour damages, try Brazilian Blowout. My hair is now back to its natural glow and I'm sure you'll love it too.  Ciao!


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