Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mother Falls is a Paradise

When you try your best but you won't succeed...go out and see the beauty of the world. While on the road, I can't help staring at this beautiful scenery. I've realized then that every road trip will take you to the right path. It could be some place that you've never been before, or some place you're ready to start a new life! Take chances, discover and just let it flow. Trust HIM!

It took us almost 1 and a half hour to get there from Costa Sabang Beach Baler. We drove to the terminal and rode a tricycle and headed the starting point of trekking that took us an hour to reach the Mother Falls, walking with hurdles under the beating heat of the sun. I know, it's really tiring coz the struggle is real. But when you get there, I promise, it's heaven. Truly worth the pain.

 Walking, trekking, some rocks were slippery, some were big and small, hot and cold fresh water and for every rays of the sun that strikes through my lens made me realize how blessed I am to see the beauty of the world. I am just amazed by the beauty of Ditumabo Mother Falls in Aurora, Baler. It's truly a paradise!

Hope you like my quick travel post. Next will be my surfing experience. I swear I can't wait for our next trip. I feel lucky to have #TeamSaboo (that's how we call our group)...they are my newest solid travel buddies. They're really cool! 

Thanks for the view btw!😘

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