Old Rose Sheering by Haute Monde Ph

To have my own clothing line is one of my biggest dreams. Thanks to my friend and partner Ayen who's making it almost close to reality. Why not? Haute Monde Ph is an online shop or now we call it more of an online couture open for custom-made gowns and dresses. We used to sell RTW clothes as well when we started about a year ago. Yet, when all items got sold, we wanna focus more on dresses. Yes, the photo of the dress that I'm wearing as seen in this post is custom-made by Haute Monde Ph, designed by yours truly!

I recently attended a friends wedding, so I wanna make sure to make a simple yet elegant dress that will suit the occasions theme. I've always wanted a flowy sheering off-shoulder dress, so here's how it turned out. I came unprepared with the stair pose but I still love how awkward I look with my mouth opened. LOL...

It's basically an off shoulder that is two-toned sheered old rose shaded dress that blows me away whenever I walk. Well, not literally. haha! I love how my drafts we're perfectly turned into reality. It's also two-way, if you want a sexier look, you can go for an off-shoulder one, but if you have broader shoulders, well that may not be a good idea. Yet you can still switch to a simpler and still an elegant looking one. Just pull the sleeves up and you're on the go!

Wearing any plain shaded dress would be perfect when matched with beautiful elegant accents...accessories! I wanted a youthful looking one so I chose swarovski crystals with a touch of gold to match my simple and plain sheered dress that day.I know heels can be very uncomfortable in any level, yet, thanks to my Mum for giving me this very comfy heels and I was really surprised about it. Like seriously!

Wearing Swarovski Crystals for my accessories and heels from Guangzhou MingMei Shoes Co.,Ltd.

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Thanks for the view! :)


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