My Chifon Jumpsuit

Oh dear, I've always been a fan of rompers and jumpsuits. It makes me look taller and its very comfortable to wear. Jumpsuits can be worn casually or formally. I got this from YRYS  in Glorietta branch. With the loose-fitting design and chifon fabric, it's really very comfortable to wear especially now, SUMMMMERRRR! 

Let me share one brief history about rompers and jumpsuits. It was first invented in the early 20th century and was designed only for military pilots and skydivers. Take note, only men used to wear it, but when ladies working in a factory out of nowhere also decided to wear jumpsuits, then they've realized that it can also be an everyday fashionable outfit. Just like how military clothes and designs are now being worn as a fashion statement, that's also how these rompers and jumpsuits began in the fashion world.

Shoulder bag from Jiovanni, Footwear from Forever 21 and i2i Sunnies New York. Hope you like my summer #ootd. Thanks for the view! :)


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