Kid at Heart

Had a blast last weekend with my loving family and I was deeply enticed by all the kiddie stuff I saw at the party. I guess I'm just really forever a little girl myself. I call it a wistful yearning of happiness everytime I see things similar to what my life has been when I was a little kid. Everytime I exhibit nostalgia, I normally just stare at the beauty of the sky where I can see different images formed by the clouds. That's how kids were before. Very sentimental with life's simple pleasures. Raise your hand if you're with me!!! LOL...

Since I'll be attending a kiddie party for my cousin, I wore this beautiful custom-made sneakers, which I designed myself  and was made by my friend who sells customized shoes. Painted with my favorite Tazmanian Devil character from Disney, don't you find it so cute? The shop is Brianna's Shoppers Zone. It's perfect as a gift and is also good for couple-designed shoes. I'll keep you guys posted and for those who are interested, you can hit me an email at
I'm also wearing shoes from Armstar, Hollister Top and Jagthug Jeans.

Notice my less makeup look or no-makeup makeup look that day. I applied Etude House Perfect Fit BB-cream in Honey Beige W24 then IN2IT Oil Control & Oil Free 2-Way Foundation in OCF 06 Chaste for my face, Mac in Baby Blush for my cheeks, YSL Mascara in Brown for my lashes, Holika's Wonder Drawing 24hr Auto Eyebrow, and NYX Matte Lippie in MLS25 for my lips, then I'm all good to go. On a kiddie party, I don't really wear much makeup. Plus my get-up will be a little off if I apply more.Thanks to my brother who took these photos, in return, I also did some bad-boy look shoot with him and a few jump-shots ofcourse. Haha...

To end this post, here's my favorite spot that day, the cotton candies!!! Yummy, I ate a lot of it that day. Who wouldn't love cotton candies anyway?

That's it for today fellas.Thanks for the view! :)


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