New Look For 2015 / Makeup Tutorial

New year means new look! I'm sure everyone's prepping to change their look atleast once a year, atleast every new year for a fresh start. I am one of those guilty girls who wants change! For the past years, I've been visiting salons for a new hair colour that would match my bouncy curly hair. But we all know how hair colours can easily damage the strands of our hair. For a fresher, cleaner and goody girl look, I had it rebonded. Yes, Steamed Bond as what they call it at one of Victor Ortega's sister company, Sparkle Salon & Spa! I also had it trimmed at Davids Salon for a bouncier hair and believe me, they cut 4 inches of my hair length and it still looks long. But I'm glad that my hair is now tame, fine and a little bouncy, plus...this instant ombre look makes it glamorous and stylish at the same time.

A new year also comes with different lucky charms and colors. Wearing particular color for a new year according to Chinese Astrology will bring luck in your life for the whole year. This year of the Sheep's lucky element is Wood. If you fall under this category, then 2015 will give you a degree of luck and fortune. Green is also the luckiest color, for it represents the wood and it will enhance your wealth if you wear anything and decorate your house with a touch of green. Whether these beliefs are real or not, since luck represents Green as the lucky color for this year, then I chose to apply a green eyeshadow palette to also start my year right. :)

A touch of blue for my dress which has been indicated as one of the lucky colors for this year too, and added with a darker tone eyeshadow on the side to contour my green eyeshadow? Why not? I also prepared and created my first ever video makeup tutorial to show you how I blended these shades for my eyes. It's my first ever video, so please bear with it's flaws. LOL... Nevertheless, enjoy and watch it below... :)

Hope you like it!

Thanks for the view and happy 2015... :)


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