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Oh wedding, the biggest day a woman could ever have. Isn't it a dream come true for every woman to walk down the aisle with her beautiful gown while her groom is waiting at the altar? I always see it as the most romantic and sweetest things in life. Wedding planning is not easy and I understand how stressful it can be. I've witnessed my friend's preparation and a comprehensive wedding planning check list is really very important. If you are eyeing for the perfect gown for your wedding, I would recommend these set of makeup that would  really  match the elegance of the lovely couture. My choices would make you look just fresh and young on your big day. Now here are my TOP 5 choices.

1. Goddess-Like

Makeup to wear:

2. Sparkling Beige

Makeup to wear:

3. Fuchsia Love

Makeup to wear:

4. Elegant Sparkles

Makeup to wear:

5. Young at Heart

Makeup to wear:

I chose these 5 lovely wedding gowns 'coz the designs are very youthful and elegant at the same time. If you want to know the products in the sets that I've created, visit my Polyvore page HERE. Also, if you want to get wedding tips and ideas, plus wedding gowns to choose from, you can also visit Lover.ly or simply click HERE.

Thanks for the view!


  1. I got married there earlier this year and cannot say enough positive things about the entire experience of working with their manager and the service, food and location for vows. The coordinators managed my wedding, and were impeccable wedding Angels.

  2. What an amazing of strapless wedding dresses with the one shoulder style, I like it very much.


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