How To Rip & Distress Your Own Jeans

Jeans are made from denim cloth and are originally designed for cowboys and miners. But because of its durable function, it also became a fashionable clothing for everyone, especially for teens. These "blue jeans" became cool that even the ripped and distressed ones turned out to become a fashion statement too. It may be too expensive when you buy it in the mall, so why not rip and distress an old jeans for you? 

Steps are simple. All we need are these two materials: One old or used blue jeans, I prefer skinny jeans since it looks sexier and a cloth scissor. I suggest you use an old jeans to create a natural ragged style than buying a new one. Now let's start!

You can try using a pencil to trace 2 horizontal lines that would make it as your guide before cutting it. In this photo, I didn't trace any line, I cut it out on areas where I want my jeans to be ripped and distressed.

So this is how it should look like afterwards. By using your fingers, pull out the excess thread that you see on the torn area. 

Pull out the thread until you reach the edge or end of the ripped area. 

Rip as many areas as you want. It has to be like this afterwards. 

After doing so, create another parallel lines and cut it the way you did on the first one. 

Voila! Now here's our finished product and our DIY Ripped & Distressed Blue Jeans. Get your DIY jeans available On-Hand, made ready for you, check out and follow @everythingfabshop on instagram.

Now here's how it looks like when you wear it. 

Match it with your favorite striped cropped top that I got from Folded & Hung and a pair of comfy sandals. By the way ladies, I know online buying has been easier nowadays, I also love how it gives convenience to my busy life. If you want to save much of your time and don't want to be out of the loop at the same time, I highly suggest  that you should also try shopping by grabbing the latest trendy and affordable items from your trusted online shop. 

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So how do you like my ripped and distressed jeans? Try it and show us how you'll match yours! 

Thanks for the view!


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