The Ugong Rock Adventures in Puerto Princesa Palawan

After our sumptuous lunch and Underground River trip, we head over to one of the most challenging and extraordinary (for me) part of our trip, the "Ugong Rock Adventures". Ugong Rock is a limestone  rock formation located in Brgy. Tagabinet, Puerto Princesa City. In this experience, we were challenged to climb the 75 feet high rock which you can climb through the caves and crevices. 

Along the way is this Elephant Cave and Kast Mountain. This unspoiled rock limestone formation is immensely bigger and extensive which made it an ideal place for rock climbing in the Philippines. Because of its excellent rock faces, the famous reality show The Amazing Race Philippines was also held here way back 2013.

Now lets go back to the real game shall we? This Ugong Rock Challenge was a knock-off. We didn't even google this type of activity beforehand. So everything was a bit new to all of us and we were all a little shocked when we arrived there. Yet, we've always aimed for a challenge, therefore, this activity still suits our goal for the day. Take a look at all the hurdles and obstacles with all these photos, it explains it all! Wew!

I am always camera ready, don't you think? Those limestone rock formation behind us were echoing and can create backlash sounds. It's pretty amazing how these rocks create sounds that turned out to be music to our ears. The hardest part was the rock climbing challenge inside this cave. We need to pass through the tight hole but we have to climb to the slippery rocks first in order for us to get there. No biggie, I'm IN for the challenge! Everyone MUST, or else you'll be stuck there, and worst, you'll have to go back and take same route going down again.

Wearing my not so perfect sandals that day. This is not the appropriate shoes to wear. Like what I mentioned earlier, we were not aware about this challenge. So I suggest, better search about your outdoor activity and always be prepared with the right gears and best outfit to wear for your safety.

Finally we've survived it and it was a huge success! Spelunking is not as easy as it looks yet seeing the beauty from the top was really exceptional. It was priceless indeed! Yet, the whole challenge doesn't end there, now we have to go back to the ground yet if we take the same route, it will be a little boring. That's why we've decided to do the Superman Zipline!

I call this the climax of the Ugong Rock activity. At first I was really hesitant to do this, but we must face our fear! I shouted as loud as I can and make sure to be ready once I get close to the camera as I zip down. This experience will make you feel like Superman, really!!! LOL :)

Believe it or not, this was my first time. The line is 380 meters long going down. The guides are very well versed and they also provided us gears for safety. The zipline challenge this time is just optional.

That's a wrap!

Because of this extreme challenge, you might end up having bruises and scratches, extra precaution is needed. Thank God we're all fine! Now I deserve a good soup.

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Thanks for the view! <3


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